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David Kerruish | 09.05.2019

In the first installment of the Trails and Ales series, we introduced you to three great adventure-infused breweries from northern Cascadia. Now we’re traveling south, and we’re delighted with what we found!


S'mores Stout, Basecamp Brewing. @j_hipolito.

Basecamp Brewing, Portland, Oregon

The Rose City is surrounded by opportunities for adventure, however, with just a leisurely walk from downtown, you can find yourself at one of the city’s adventure hubs. Our friends at the aptly named Basecamp Brewing pours excellent beers from carabiner-laden taps. They also host a broad range of events to promote an active outdoor lifestyle and support community groups.

Start the day with the beautiful and accessible Wildwood Trail in Forest Park. The trail offers infinite options and spans more than 20 miles of the Tualatin Mountains, beginning in Portland’s northwest neighborhood. When you’re done, the S'mores Stout combines great taste and fantastic presentation, topped with a toasted marshmallow.


Off-Grid IPA wandering the trail to Upper Creek Falls, Washington. Backwoods Brewing.

Backwoods Brewing, Carson, Washington

A true backwoods brewing, Backwoods originates in the Carson Valley where the Gifford Pinchot Forest meets the Columbia River Gorge. Carson started as a logging town. However, as the logging industry declined, the region bounced back as people flock to the natural beauty of the area. Backwoods beers show this transition with a nod to their region’s roots (Logyard IPA, Big Cedar IRA), recreational highlights (Off-Grid IPA, Into the Backwoods We Gose), and the source of so much nearby adventure with the Gifford Pinchot Pilsner.

To find a trail, flip a coin. Paddlers must experience the Wind River, while landlubbers will enjoy the views from Wind Mountain. By paddle or boot, if you like your IPAs bursting with hops, finish your day with Off-Grid IPA.


Summer views near Full Sail Brewing in Hood River, Oregon. Tyson Gillard.

Full Sail Brewing, Hood River, Oregon

The Columbia River Gorge is a special place with wonderful options for hikers, bikers and snow-lovers. However, there’s one group who flock here in big numbers: kitesurfers. When summer arrives, so do the sails, catching the beautiful breezes that funnel through the giant gorge. Full Sail Brewing pays homage to the summer surfers with their name and gives a special nod to the rich farmland that surrounds the gorge. The brewery still sources hops and barley from trusted local farms, and its water originates from a spring on Mount Hood, whose dramatic north face is the mountain’s best angle.

Start at the Spit, where you can put your kite into the Columbia River. Once you’re out of the water and at the brewery, the label of the Cascade Pilsner will look very familiar with its view down the Gorge.


Mirror Pond Pale Ale. @ccdrinkbeer.

Deschutes Brewing, Bend, Oregon

Bend really has it all. Bike, hike, ski, paddle, climb, and more. This wonderfully relaxed small city is also home to one of the original and largest craft breweries. Deschutes was born more than 30 years ago on the banks of the Deschutes River in Bend. A good chunk of their beers carry the names of local landmarks, like Obsidian, Black Butte, and Red Chair. The brewery is also committed to giving back, having gifted thousands and thousands of dollars to support the local environment over the years.

You have to make the trip out to Black Butte. Once you descend its rocky slope, Mirror Pond Ale is a classic, named for the tranquil portion of the Deschutes River, which is just two blocks from the brewpub in Bend.


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