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Tyson Gillard | 06.19.2015

With 3,026 miles of coastline spread out along the Pacific Ocean, Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, it's no wonder Washington has so many incredible beaches. Massive sea stacks line the Olympic Coast, snowy owls nest at Damon Point, bonfires are lit at Golden Gardens, and the state's volcanic peaks can be seen nearly everywhere. Washingtonians are a lucky bunch!

As we've traveled the state over, we've put together a list of "Must Sees" in order of our favorites. Let us know what your favorites are and how you'd rank them.

  1. La Push, Second Beach (Washington's iconic beach in Olympic National Park)
  2. Rialto Beach + Hole-in-the-Wall (Sea stacks, tide pools... this has it all!)
  3. Point of the Arches + Shi Shi Beach (A long hike to one of the Pacific Coast's most stunning and isolated beaches.)
  4. North Beach, Port Townsend (In the rain shadow of the Olympics, arguably the sunniest beach in all of Washington.)
  5. Alki Beach (Feels like vacation every day in the city)
  6. Sucia Island Fox Cove (Remote and incredible taste of the San Juan Islands.)
  7. Waikiki Beach, Cape Disappointment State Park (Washington's best southern beach.)
  8. Fort Warden Beach (Sun, views, boat rentals, camping, etc.)
  9. Owen Beach + Prominade (Tacoma's beach with jaw dropping views of Rainier.)
  10. Sooes Beach (Isolated serenity.)
  11. Ruby Beach (Everything you'd want in Olympic National Park.)
  12. Westhaven State Park + Half Moon Bay (Washington's surfing paradise!)
  13. Kalaloch Beach 4 (Most extensive tide pools in the state.)
  14. Damon Point Spit (Snowy owl! What? Enough said.)
  15. Crescent Beach (A day fee, but definitely worth it!)
  16. Orcas Island Obstruction Pass Beach (Orcas Island's gem.)
  17. Golden Gardens Beach (The best place for a beach fire in Seattle.)
  18. Orcas Island Spring Bay (One of the San Juan's most ideal coves.)
  19. Long Beach (Called the "longest beach in the world," it's Washington's boardwalk retreat with the best sand castle contest.)
  20. Fort Flagler North Beach (Washington's best beach for kids, without doubt.)


Barbara, cheers! We'll keep an eye out for them!
Tyson, thanks for spotlighting the San Juan Islands great beaches and the others the state has to offer. Makes me want to take to the road and discover them all.

In addition to those you mentioned on Orcas and Sucia Islands, quite a few other pocket sandy beaches are scattered throughout the archipelago and what's cool is that several have campgrounds near them...
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