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Jonathan Stull | 02.21.2018

The birthplace of the mountain town and the home of an author icon, Sun Valley’s snowy slopes and alpine lakes have attracted skiers and celebrities alike for nearly a century. The little mountain enclave was selected as the country’s first ski resort in the winter of 1935, chosen over modern ski destinations like Jackson Hole and Mount Hood. Within 10 years, Warren Miller moved to town, hunkered down in a garage for $5 a month, and bought his first roll of 16 millimeter film.

And thus the mountain town and its kooky ilk were born.

Over the years, many important folks including Miller, Hemingway, Clark Gable, Tom Hanks, and Bruce Willis—Bruce Willis, people!—have made the area their home. While that ringing endorsement should be enough to drive you there, we don’t go into the backcountry to see stars. Well, media stars anyway. Backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hot springs, secluded alpine yurts, winter fly fishing, upscale, modern resorts...yes, Sun Valley has all of these things. An author’s grave, a writer’s conference, a film festival, a thriving arts culture...yes, Sun Valley has these things, too. In fact, there is much to see and experience in Sun Valley, and the winter is a great time to go there. Find all of our adventures in one place, or head on over to Visit Sun Valley for more.


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