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Half Moon Bay is a pristine beach just less than a mile long that is located between the tiny islands of Little Water Cay and Water Cay. The location is little more than a sand bar that grew over time, but due to the white sandy beach, sheltered lagoon (on the east side), and low cliffs that provide panoramic ocean views, this is one of the most popular destinations in Turks and Caicos for cruise day trips. Since Half Moon Bay is approximately 1 mile from the tourist destination of Providenciales/Grace Bay, it is accessible by kayak or paddleboard, but be aware that due to the common winds the round trip can be a workout.

One of the main attractions – some may say the main attraction – of Half Moon Bay is the Turks and Caicos rock iguana. This creature is the largest non-extinct indigenous land animal found in the country, and the largest of the iguanas can grow up to 32 inches. The larger and more-distinct male Rock Iguanas feature elaborate dorsal spine. Getting a good picture (from a sufficient distance) is an easy feat once you reach Half Moon Bay, as the iguanas spend most of their days lazily basking in the sun.

Another common sight at Half Moon Bay is the juvenile lemon shark, which likes to swim in the shallow water on the beach to feed on the conch shell from the day cruise boats. While the sharks are common and “lurk” in the shallow waters, there have been only three recorded shark attacks on humans in the Turks and Caicos, all with no fatalities or loss of limb. In fact, shark attacks are so uncommon in the area that there have only been 17 attacks and six fatalities per century for the entire Antilles region (which includes the Turks and Caicos and countries such as Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, and many others). 

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Secluded. Iguanas. Sharks and crystal-clear water.


Only accessible by boat.


Picnic tables
Bird watching
Tide pools
Whale watching


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