Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
3,600.00 ft (1,097.28 m)
Trail type
9.50 mi (15.29 km)
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Wolverine is a proud peak of the Chugach Front Range, apparent from central Anchorage as a stately pyramid that stands out from the rest. Look closely and you can discern the line of a trail on its face, even from some distance. Wolverine Peak Trail a popular but stout hike from the base to the top, climbing more than 3500 feet in less than 5 miles. An intimidating goal for visitors, but an afternoon workout for some locals, Wolverine Peak is a must-do for anyone beckoned by the peaks of the Chugach.

Beginning from Prospect Heights trailhead, the wide trail starts out in the forest with some ups and downs, and likely some muddy spots. Before long you’ll get to breaks in the trees and views over the city. The gradient gradually steepens along the base of the mountains, and thick trees fade to spindly alders as elevation increases. Soon the trail turns and marches more steeply uphill, into the broad bowl beneath Wolverine Peak.

The trail hits the tundra as a wide and well-worn track, among tantalizing views of the peak overhead. It gains a sloping ridgeline where you’ll want to turn and take in the panorama. Then you’ll punch up the remainder of the ridge, on a gravelly path with optional switchbacks. As the trail joins the mountain’s main ridgeline it mellows somewhat, though you may cross patches of snow before reaching the summit. Bypass a few rock outcrops and negotiate one final steep section near the top, and you’re there.

Enjoy a dizzying view of Chugach peaks, deep valleys with lakes, Anchorage and the Cook Inlet far below, and hopefully an abundance of icy ranges on the horizon. On a less clear day, you may instead find yourself inside the clouds. You may also spot dall sheep, which rear their young among the high cliffs away from predators. The sheep are generally inquisitive and may wander close to you, though you should always allow them their space.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass


Open Year-round



Impressive summit. Close to town. Well-defined trail.

Trailhead Elevation

900.00 ft (274.32 m)

Highest point

4,491.00 ft (1,368.86 m)


Family friendly
Vault toilet
Backcountry camping
Big vistas

Typically multi-day


Permit required




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