Hike-in Required
Open Year-round
Water Temperature
98.00 °F (36.67 °C)
Sensitive Habitat
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Rumored to be one of Al Capone's hideouts, the Verde Hot Springs in central Arizona are the ruins of a once popular and thriving resort built in the 1920s. The resort burned down in the 1960s, leaving only the foundation and constructed hot spring pools.  Today the Verde Hot Springs are a popular place to take a dip and admire the artwork from those who have previously visited the site. 

The hike starts near the decomissioned Child's power plant along the Verde River. You have the option of walking around the gate and following the road for a little less than a mile or making your way to the bottom of the hill and following a path along the river.  This path is located at the northern end of the Child's dispersed camping area. If you choose this route there will be some scrambling and boulder hopping along the way. Following the road will take you past several abandoned buildings and a corral until you see a trail of cairns leading you away from the road and toward the river. This is where you cross. At this point there are actually two crossings as the river splits around an island. The crossings are only a few feet wide and generally about mid-thigh level.  When planning a visit to these hot springs, the river current, depth and temperaures should be taken into consideration. Be prepared to get wet. After crossing the river, follow the path to your left and contiue until the hot springs come into view.

The main pool is built into the cliffside overlooking the Verde River and will be the first pool seen on your approach. This pool is large enough to comfortably fit several people. The temprature in this pool is approximately 98 degrees and is deep for wading; in some places you can't even touch the bottom. As you make your way down the steps toward the main pool, a short tunnel and cave carved into the mountainside will come into view on your right. There is a pool in the back of this cave, but unfortunately it isn't always suitable for bathing. Next to the main pool is another pool in an enclosed structure with no roof. This pool is smaller and not as deep as the main pool, but it is warmer at about 100 degrees. There is enough room to comfortably fit three to four people in this pool. Over the years visitors to the springs have painted murals on the walls of this structure. On the other side of this structure is another small pool only big enough to put your feet in. The water levels to this pool can become low and stagnant. Occasionally there might be rock-lined pools where the spring water runs into the Verde River, offering a balance of both warm and cool waters. Although nudity is prohibited, this poilicy is not enforced, so don't be suprised to find some people enjoying the springs in the nude.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass



Multiple pools.


Moderate crowds. Having to cross the Verde River.

Pets allowed



Near lake or river
Historically significant
Vault toilet
Family friendly

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