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Goshute Cave is a cave system accessible for entry on BLM land in eastern Nevada. The cave contains a variety of formations like shields, stalactites and stalagmites, and chambers dizzying in their size and scale.

However those who want to visit the cave will need to earn it. The road out requires driving miles down a dirt road, with the cave turnoff unsigned, so visitors should come prepared with navigation. And be warned that there is no cell service in this rural part of Nevada. A small parking area sits beside a trailhead, from where the larger adjacent cave opening is visible up on the mountainside. Reaching that opening requires climbing about 600' is slightly over a quarter of a mile, much of it scrambling up scree and using boulders for footing. The final climb is up a limestone face, where an attached rope offers some grip. 

There is a large cave opening, however the Goshute Cave system is located in a much smaller entrance to the left of the large cave. 

The cave system travel about a half mile deep, with several very low and tight passages. Those looking to see more than just one or two rooms should expect to get very dusty, and come prepared with helmets. There is a variety of cave formations visible throughout the system. There is a small map on the trailhead sign at the beginning of the hike which is helpful if you've photographed it to help find your way into the different chambers and rooms once inside the cave.

The downside of this cave's accessibility is the noticeable damage to many of the features. Visitors should educate themselves on cave etiquiette and try not to touch or climb on any features inside.

In all, you can easily spend a couple hours exploring the cave. Its rural location and exposed hike in, as well as inside conditions mean that visitors should be prepared with navigation, light sources, water, helmets for low passageways, masks to protect from dust and the abundance of mouse droppings, and gloves.

Additionally, Google Maps will likely give directions through a dirt road that can be thickly saturated in water and mud most of the year and impassable for most vehicles. The dirt road to Goshute Cave should only be accessed via the town of Cherry Creek or from Highway 93 just south of the town of Currie.

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