Hike-in Required
Open Year-round
Water Temperature
90.00 °F (32.22 °C)
Sensitive Habitat
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In 2018, major volcanic activity reformed and reshaped much of the far eastern edge of the Big Island. One notable result was several popular beaches and hot spring pool were buried beneath the lava flow while other new black sand beaches were created. 

Isaac Hale Beach Park became the island's youngest black sand beach. Following the 2018 activity, several hot spring pools emerged with the beach park. The warm pools have since become one of the most popular features of the park.

Unlike most hot springs where heated water emerges from deep within the ground, the pools here are a mix of rainwater that flows through volcanic-heated stone and mixes with cool saltwater that passes through the thick black sand beach granules. Today, three pools contain this warm water, varying is size and temperature. The largest and coolest is visible immediately upon walking toward the beach. This area was the boat ramp, however higher sand levels leave it unaccessible to boats much of the year. Open to the sky, this large pool is popular for families with children.

Visitors can either walk through the jungle trail on the inland side of the large pool, or walk along the rocks on the seaward side to reach the other pools. A large open pool lined by jungle canopy on one side contains lots of rocks for sitting and is spacious. Nestled into the jungle canopy is the warmest pool, a small area inside a collapsed lava tube. 

The beach itself is the island's youngest black sand beach, with waves crashing along the long crescent shaped bay. 

Lifeguard towers are staffed during the busier seasons. The beach remains popular with surfers.

The hot spring pools and beach are subject to park rules, including open hours. There is no water available at the park. Visitors to the hot pools should bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, and be aware of bacterial risks of hot spring pools.

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Natural hot swimming hole.


Park damaged by lava flow. No water available.

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