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Monument rocks, also referred to as Chalk Pyramids, are a series of unique rock formations located about 30 miles south of I-70, near Highway 83 in Western Kansas. A 6-mile well-maintained gravel road with green fields on both sides, leads to these formations. Though a four-wheel drive vehicle is not necessary to drive along the road, it is necessary after a storm when the roads are wet and muddy. Upon reaching the formations, two clusters of rock formations can be seen on opposite sides of the road about a quarter of a mile apart. Standing 70 feet tall, these majestic rock formations were created 80 million years ago when the central interior of the U.S. was the part of a vast inland sea. Fossils can be found trapped in the rocks, but it is forbidden to hunt for fossils in the area. Key Stone Gallery, located 9 miles from Monument Rocks, is a good place to see fossils.

Being one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas, these unique white formations surrounded by prairie lands are fun for all ages to explore. Monument Rocks are located right next to the road, and one get up close to the rocks and travel back in time. Some of the areas are also ADA accessible. Climbing on the rocks is not allowed as it might damage the rock formations or cause injury because the rock is very brittle. Monument Rocks is located on a private property, but no special permission is required because land owners allow visitors to explore the formations as long as they abide by the rules and respect the land.

Summer months can be quite harsh in Kansas, and with little to no shade in the area, it is advisable to pack sunscreen, hat and enough water. Visitors should be cautious while exploring the place and keep an eye on the kids, as rattlesnakes live in the area.

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Checked this out with my husband and in-laws. We had a wonderful time.
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