Groomed trail
Elevation Gain
240.00 ft (73.15 m)
5.69 mi (9.16 km)
Warming hut
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The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail section in Concord, Massachusetts is a paved bike path that is a great multisport route for all seasons, and is especially good for cross country skiing in the winter. Skiers can park in West Concord center, where there are various parking options near the start of the path near the train tracks. The paved path is very flat and wide as it follows an old railroad bed, and the street crossings are well marked.

When skiers reach Powder Mill Road at 1.8 miles, there are some side trails off of the bike path just off of the steep access ramp that are good for a backcountry adventure. Skiers can also continue through the tunnel under Powder Mill Road to the unpaved portion of the path for some more scenic trails through the White Pond Woods. White Pond is perfect for ice skating or skiing when thoroughly frozen, and many skiers make tracks in this wooded part of the trail network. There are many steeper hills in the woods portions of this path, but the terrain is generally easy to moderate. Skiers can then retrace their steps to head back to the West Concord parking via the rail trail.

Across the street from the rail trail, near the crossing with Williams Road, the Old Rifle Range is another woods area with options for cross country skiing. The trails are narrow and several have hills that can be challenging. The least challenging route is also the simplest - simply go out and back on the main, mostly straight Target Trail (marked with yellow blazes), without turning onto any of the side loop trails. This trail leads to Old Mill Road at the far end, but to return to the bike path simply turn around and take the Target Trail back.

Overall this route passes through some of the best natural cross country skiing in Concord. Unlike the Minuteman Bike Path also in Concord, the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is not plowed in winter, making it a great location for local skiing when natural snow conditions allow.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)





Wide trail. Varied terrain.


Walkers can make conditions icy.

Pets allowed


Trailhead Elevation

135.00 ft (41.15 m)

Highest point

194.00 ft (59.13 m)


Family friendly
Near lake or river

Trail type


Typically multi-day


Snowmobiles allowed




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