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Built in 1797, the Highland Lighthouse was the very first lighthouse in Cape Cod. Located in Truro, Massachusetts, Highland lighthouse is a beautiful landmark overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. With erosion wreaking havoc on the land, the lighthouse and the land it sits on could be very different in years to come.

This lighthouse sits in the middle of Highland Links Golf Course, which is also known as the Cape’s oldest golf course. Along with the golf course, there is also the Highland Café and Museum conveniently located near the lighthouse. At the bottom of the lighthouse is a small gift shop.   

This lighthouse is not as tall as most other lighthouses. Because it resides on a cliff that is 150-feet tall, the lighthouse can be much smaller and the light can still be seen over 20 miles from the horizon. As you walk around the lighthouse and see the land, you will notice that the lookout deck is fenced-in, and right beyond that fence is another fence warning of the dangers of the cliffs. These cliffs are eroding 1- to 3-feet per year. Because of the erosion danger, back in 1997 the lighthouse was moved back 450 feet from its original spot, and the lookout deck is planned to be moved back in the near future.

Once you decide to take the tour up the lighthouse, it costs $6 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. Unfortunately, there is a height minimum so small children will not be allowed up. As you begin your tour, there is a tour guide who shares the history of the lighthouse and its lands. It is not handicapped accessible to climb, and the stairs are very narrow and spiraled. Once at the top, there is yet another guide who will give you history and facts about the building of the lighthouse and the evolution of the spotlight. If you choose to continue up into the light tower, it can be difficult. A short climb and a tight squeeze make it challenging for some. However, once you make it to the top, the wraparound views are beautiful.

With the lighthouse to climb, a museum, a golf course and a café to eat lunch, there is much to do at the Highland Lighthouse. Because the land is so quickly eroding, its best to head out to visit this beautiful landmark before it’s too late.

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