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The Scotty's Junction rockhounding area lies not far off of Nevada highway 95, and it is particularly rich in Apache tears - small rounded obsidian stones - that lie clustered across the area's surface. Bubbled chalcedony is another stone that can be found in this area, though it is definitely not as plentiful as the obsidian stones.

The stones themselves are volcanic obsidianite glass, and samples here vary in opaqueness from some that appear solid black to others where dark bands appear within the translucent stone when held to the light. 

The Apache tears are present in patches all over the surface of the ground, so no tools are needed. With the sun overhead, you can simply look down and see the black stones amongst other lighter rocks. With the sun at an angle, it's possible to keep the sun at your back and look for the shine of the reflective stones' surfaces across the ground.

This is BLM land, so there are no restrictions against collecting the stones, though finding them and then leaving them in the area afterwards can be just as entertaining.

This may be a fun activity for children for those making the long drive across Nevada or heading to Scotty's Castle in Death Valley National Park. However, on my visit there were small cactus spread sporadically through the area, so keep an eye on kids and pets.

A 1-mile or so drive on a dirt road is required, though standard cars should have no issue with the road.

There are no amenities of any kind in the area. Nearest amenities are located in the towns of Beatty or Goldfield, or at Scotty's Castle.

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LOTS of Apache tears. Makes a good break on a long drive.


Area is near highway noise.

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