Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
931.00 ft (283.77 m)
Trail type
6.40 mi (10.30 km)
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Like the Brice Creek Trail, the Fall Creek Trail is a gorgeous walk through a prime Oregon watershed.  The trail runs just above Fall Creek for much of its early section and affords several intimate views of this small and picturesque creek.  Lush old-growth thrives on the steep valley walls, creating an olfactory synthesis of Doug fir, vine maple, bracken fern, beak moss, and fecund loam.  Fall Creek is a popular resource when the weather warms, for the selection of swimming holes is truly outstanding as well.

The Fall Creek Trail is one of the best ways to access these swimming holes.  Though Big Fall Creek Road makes it easy for cars to pull over at the most popular spots, hikers will be able to find plenty of less crowded and more personal places from the trail side of the creek.  Because the trail follows the creek closely, the grade is gradual and the trail is even throughout, making the walking easy as well as scenic. 

The trail is also an excellent idea in the fall and winter months.  In the fall, the preponderance of alder and maple leaves canopied over the creek glow on the water’s slow currents; in winter the creek swells with a power that belies its size, diligently shaping the riverbank’s strange ball-and-socket formations.  The 2003 Clark Fire cut through a portion of the forest and left some haunting timber, but the walk up to that line remains a quintessential local experience.  Hiking distance depends on your whims: the hike from the trailhead to the burn and back is approximately 6.5 miles, but the trail continues on if you prefer a longer walk.  There are several campgrounds in the vicinity of the trail: Broken Bowl, Dolly Varden, and Big Pool are all nearby.  Fall Creek Reservoir is also close if you are looking for additional campgrounds or a more of a lake-style water experience.

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Not Required


Close to Eugene. Old-growth. Swimming holes. Easy trail.


Summer crowds.

Trailhead Elevation

1,071.00 ft (326.44 m)


Backcountry camping
Old-growth forest

Typically multi-day


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As of mid-March 2020, the first major bridge of the trail is destroyed by treefall, and the trail is littered with brush, branches, and trees in several spots. Most obstacles are passable if hiking without dogs, but having a leashed dog makes it perilous at times. I would consider this trail "unmaintained" at this point.
This trail is in rough condition starting at Dolly Varden campground. Numerous trees have fallen on the trail and the first bridge was taken out by a tree. The trail is barely passable in spots. I walked about 3/4 of a mile and had to turn around.
Hi Hal -Nice informative site. its debbie & Peter Cadigan from Eugene-Peter still works at Caddis a couple days a week! Nice blog on hikes-we were looking at nearby hikes to take with our grandkids who are visiting from Portland-
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