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Water Temperature
Sensitive Habitat
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Standing above the eastern edge of southern Oregon's Crump Lake, near the southern base of Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge is Fisher Hot Springs, a spring flowing out of a hillside at about 140 degrees and collected into half a large water tank at a much cooler temperature.

Though the area offers great views across the valley, the soaking tub itself is less than ideal. The tank contains a lot of algae and dead insects, and it has just a messy appearance in general. Due to algae, past soakers have left tarps and clips laying beside the tank, so soakers can clip the tarp edges down to the sides of the tank and allow the inflow to fill this tarped tub, which keeps the algae and general dirt to a minimum.

Water flows into the tank at about 108 degrees, so allowing some time to cool after a fill may be necessary. The springs might not be the nicest, but they do offer a hot soak with a sweeping view, and they might just need a little TLC to make them a more appealing spring to visit.

The nearest services of any type are located in the town of Adel. Please fold up the tarp and place it under rocks beside the tank when you leave.

Logistics + Planning



Parking Pass

Not Required


Secluded and scenic setting.


Pretty dirty and in need of some TLC.

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