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This abandoned place in far eastern Oregon stood as a kind of modern ghost town, a relic of Cold-War-era industry that was abandoned in 1980 and quickly fell into disrepair. Joining the ranks of American ghost towns, it made an adventurous attraction near I-84 for those who enjoyed the aesthetic of ruin. As of July 2018, it was demolished by Northwest Demolition & Dismantling. The site no longer exists for exploration.

Lime, Oregon, is located along the Oregon Trail, and thus has a long history. It was first incorporated and received a post office in 1899. Known for the area's deposits of limestone, the town's main industry soon became lime production, and later plaster. In 1921, a cement company bought the plaster operation and converted it to make cement, some of which was used in the Owyhee Dam. Production accelerated and continued throughout the 1960s and 1970s, but eventually the limestone resource waned and depleted. Cement production moved to nearby Durkee, where it continues today.

The old Lime plant closed in 1980, the small town dissolved, and very little was ever demolished. The structures and machinery crumbled in almost-artful ways, and many surfaces were tagged with interesting graffiti. The site begged for exploration and compelling photography amid its many sharp edges, precarious walls and ceilings, and unstable floors, among many other hazards that lingered in this old factory.

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Massive abandoned cement plant. Adjacent to I-84.


Hazardous debris. Not close to anything.

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When I first heard about this location, I got really excited as it served as the perfect run-down remote setting for a movie I'm in the process of writing at the time of typing out this comment. Every nook and cranny served as amazing production value, and would've made for a fantastic location to shoot in. I was looking forward to do some scouting on in for when I drive up to the area this summer, that is until the 11th hour I learned that it was demolished in 2018, and there wasn't a source that told me so, until it was too late. So I'm a very pissed off, (excuse my language) I was literally robbed of such a fantastic place to shoot in, and so far I haven't found another abandoned rundown location in Oregon that will just as good if not better. Thanks for nothing...
Thanks for the update, Tim!
I've been wanting to explore this for a number of years and just read that it was torn down as of early July 2018. Sucks, guess I'll have to find someplace else to tresspass.
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