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With the exception of its name, Little Cultus Lake is nothing like its larger counterpart on the other side of Cultus Mountain. While (Big) Cultus Lake is a giant, deep, busy speedboating paradise, Little Cultus Lake is its own paradise - one of the calm and relaxed type. The adjacent campground is no exception. While Little Cultus Lake Campground still draws many visitors, it pales in comparison to Cultus Lake Campground. Little Cultus Lake has a more relaxing vibe and more space between sites, especially given that it isn't full virtually every night like Cultus Lake Campground is. Little Cultus Lake Campground is relatively basic, like most of the other campgrounds in the area, offering potable water and day use parking and tables as well as a few vault toilets spread around the campground.

Little Cultus Lake itself is nice, but it isn't a "must-see" lake in the Cascade Lakes Highway region by most standards. While the lake water is clean and clear, it is no more or less clear than any other lakes nearby, and it lacks the view of Mount Bachelor or the Three Sisters that many campers in the area desire and can get on most other lakes nearby. The fishing may not as reputable as nearby Crane Prairie is, and the powerboating opportunities at the larger Cultus Lake are not available here (nor are they allowed - Little Cultus has a 10 mph speed limit). However, the slower pace of Little Cultus still makes it very nice for casual fishing as well as wading and paddling. The crowds are also moderate, here, on both the lake and campground. Compared to the hustle and bustle of many of the other campgrounds in the area, Little Cultus Lake is much more laid-back. Furthermore, Little Cultus Lake is one of the closest campgrounds in the region to the Pacific Crest Trail. However, the access road from the campground to the trailhead at Irish Lakes is not recommended for those without a high-clearance vehicle.

Little Cultus Campground is closed during the winter months along with the access road. The access road is plowed and cleared of blowdown by late May in most years, and the campground remains open through the last weekend of September before shutting down for the winter again.

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NW Forest Pass


Fewer crowds than Cultus Lake. Many nearby hiking opportunities.


More bees and bugs than other campgrounds in the area. No good views of any mountains.

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Hoodoo Recreation

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1 (877) 444-6777


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Potable water
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Been going since the early 60’s. It’s a main stay for our family.
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