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Resting atop Chanticleer Point off of the far west end of the Historic Columbia River Highway in Corbett, the Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint provides visitors with arguably the most accessible, best, and most iconic view of the Columbia River Gorge. This remarkable viewpoint is a must-stop destination for anyone visiting the Gorge from Portland for the first time.

If you've ever seen the classic photo of the Gorge with the Crown Point Vista House perched high above and to the right, it was taken from this scenic viewpoint. From this windy terrace 700 feet above the Columbia River, the view west doesn't stop with the Vista House. You'll also see numerous other iconic Gorge landmarks including: Cape Horn, Hamilton Mountain, Little Hamilton Mountain, Beacon Rock, Mount Defiance, and Angel's Rest. Beyond the stunning views, this roadside attraction is also furnished with sitting areas, a drinking fountain, and interpretive signage that provides insight into the historic and geological wonder you're about to explore.

Once the site of the Chanticleer Inn*, the property was acquired by the State of Oregon in 1963 and reserved as a memorial for the Portland Women's Forum. The Forum, a collective organization of key women's groups in Portland, had been a critical voice for the protection and preservation of the Columbia River Gorge since the 1950s. The Forum was instrumental in the establishment of the Columbia Gorge Commission, which continues management of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in collaboration with the Forest Service.

* Built in 1912, the quaint log cabin known as Chanticleer Inn predated the construction of the Historic Columbia River Highway by three years. Original access was only via boat and a train stop at the Depot at Rooster Rock with an additional leg up a winding road via horse-drawn carriage. Unfortunately, the inn succumbed to a fire in 1930.

Note: The viewpoint is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Most iconic view of Columbia River Gorge.


Often very windy.

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Rooster Rock Road is the 2.5 mile trail that leads you 900 feet down from there to the railroad tracks at the bottom of the Gorge. It's described as "difficult" but the switchbacks are quite moderate. Very enjoyable on a windy day as the white noise drowns out the highway below. A few drainage crossings can be muddy/icy. Watch for elk.
A nice scenic "appetizer" view on the way to Vista Inn / Crown Point. Definitely a fantastic stop on the Historic Columbia River Highway.
The Women's Forum is a great stop for a Fall road trip
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