Max slope angle
15-30 Degrees
Vertical descent
1,500.00 ft (457.20 m)
7.20 mi (11.59 km)
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Tom Dick and Harry Mountain is perfect for a nice, easy day tour. This area is just to the west of Skibowl, and will have snow conditions that are very similar to the recreation area. Most of the skiing area is north-facing, so the snow suffers less melting and re-freezing than other areas.

Because parking at the trailhead just off of US Highway 26 causes traffic hazards, parking for this trail (and for Mirror Lake) is in the Skibowl West parking lot. While undoubtedly a safer arrangement, this means that the first mile of the route requires a walk west along the highway. Just follow the tracks on the south side of the highway that lead from the Skibowl West parking lot. After 0.8 miles along the road, the official trail begins at the Mirror Lake trailhead. Cross the bridge over Camp Creek and follow the trail up the hillside. 

This trail sees heavy use from snowshoers and hikers, and it is easy to follow in most conditions. After 2 miles of moderate switchback climbing you will come to a junction: take the left turn to go directly to Mirror Lake, or turn right to follow the Wind Creek Trail to the top of Tom Dick and Harry Mountain. If you are patient and trying to conserve energy, stick with the easy trail and refrain from cutting a steeper trail to the top. When snow conditions are right, you'll get some very nice turns along with excellent views of Mount Hood. There are many available descents, ranging from moderate bowls to massive cliff bands. Pick your poison, but remember to check avalanche conditions and to practice safe avalanche awareness at all times. 

For an alternate route on your return, traverse east and cut below the large rock face. This route puts you into the Skibowl ski area boundary where you can easily ski straight back to the parking lot, avoiding the crowded trail from Mirror Lake and the noisy mile along the highway.

Logistics + Planning

Parking Pass

Sno-Park Parking Permit (required in OR + WA 11.01 thru 04.30)


Mount Hood views. Proximity to Portland. Low usage. Variety of terrain.


Short runs. Moderate or wet snow. The first mile is along Highway 26.


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Oregon, Mt. Hood + Clackamas River Area
Oregon, Mt. Hood + Clackamas River Area
Mt. Hood + Clackamas River Area, Oregon


Perfectly snow packed trail, except for the open slide area. I turned back because wind-blown snow had covered the trail crossing the slide and it felt unsafe to continue; but then I joined up with a group that managed to find the trail continuing on the other side of the slide. Beautifully clear, but cold and windy at the top. Could easily see St. Helens, Adams, and Rainier.

Note that the directions to find the trailhead to Mirror Lake in the description of this adventure are now wrong because a new trailhead and trail was constructed and completed in late 2018. The trailhead to Mirror Lake is now at the west end of the parking lot at SkiBowl. You don’t walk 0.8 miles parallel to the highway to find the trailhead.
Great skiing this season! Got to ring in the New Year with untouched powder fields! Having multiple aspects to pick from helps mitigate avalanche risk, too. We attempted to re-connect with Ski Bowl West via the ridge that takes off from Mirror Lake... didn't go as planned and we got cliffed out and turned around due to darkness.
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