Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
1,648.00 ft (502.31 m)
Trail type
6.00 mi (9.66 km)
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This fun intermediate hike features two interesting peaks, a lake, and a lot of chipmunks, and offers beautiful views of Mount Hood when the conditions are right.

Start at the Mirror Lake Trailhead and head out on the Mirror Lake Trail. Follow the trail as is goes down, crosses a stream, and starts a mild climb back up, for 1.9 mile, until you reach a trail junction. Turn right to stay on Mirror Lake Trail or, if you desire, turn left to follow the Mirror Lake Loop trail, which will add about 0.2 mile onto the hike. This trail will reconnect with Mirror Lake Trail.

Follow Mirror Lake Trail past the lake and up the mountainside. This is where the views begin, as the side of the trail isn’t overgrown with greenery. After 2 miles, you’ll reach the first peak which will lead you onto an exposed rocky ridge. Enjoy the views of Mirror Lake and Mount Hood which, if it isn’t cloudy, will dominate the horizon.

If you don’t have the correct shoes or don’t feel like following the rocky ridge line, this is the perfect spot to enjoy the views and turn around, retracing your steps. The trip will turn out about 1.5 mile longer this way but will save you a ridge line scramble and one steep descent.

If you decide to keep going, follow the ridge of the mountain for half a mile. It will require a bit of scrambling on the rocks before the trail reappears among the scattered trees. After half a mile, you’ll reach the Tom Dick and Harry Mountain, which stands 1,544 feet tall and offers a bit different views of the lake and Mount Hood together with the bragging rights that you’ve visited a mountain with this quite unique name.

After you’ve enjoyed the peak, you can, once again, turn around and return to the trailhead by retracing your steps. This way, you’ll avoid a steep descend through the ski areal on which you’ll lose over 1,300 feet in only a mile. If you decide to take this route and complete the loop, continue following the ridge line until, after 0.4 mile, the trail (which isn’t obvious in places) brings you to the end of Skyline Road. Take a left turn right after the first building. The trail will take you through the trees before it spits you out on a ski slope. It will then lead back into the trees. After 0.8 mile and several switchbacks, it connects to Pro Line Trail.

Turn left at the junction and follow Pro Line Trail for 0.1 mile before you arrive at another fork. Take the right trail and follow it for another 0.1 mile where you’ll arrive at another junction. Keep going straight by keeping to the left and join the Fire Hydrant Trail.

Stay on Fire Hydrant Trail for 0.3 mile by keeping left on the next junction and right on the junction after that. At the end of Fire Hydrant Trail, you’ll reach the bottom of the ski areal. Walk past the buildings and onto the parking lot (Skibowl West Parking), then turn left and walk through the parking lot until you reach Mirror Lake Trailhead and your car.


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Parking Pass


Open Year-round



Beautiful views. Lots of greenery. Doesn't get too busy. Very engaging trail.


Steep sections. Occasional scrambling. Not kid-friendly.

Trailhead Elevation

3,667.00 ft (1,117.70 m)

Highest point

5,041.00 ft (1,536.50 m)


Near lake or river
Vault toilet
Big vistas
Big Game Watching

Typically multi-day


Permit required



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Oregon, Mt. Hood + Clackamas River Area
Mt. Hood + Clackamas River Area, Oregon
Mt. Hood + Clackamas River Area, Oregon


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