Hike-in Required
Open Year-round
Water Temperature
107.00 °F (41.67 °C)
Sensitive Habitat
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Baker Hot Springs are set of three pools constructed to catch the slightly-sulfurous water from a scalding-hot source a few hundred feet away. 

Heated by volcanic activity that led to the creation of Fumarole Butte, a lifted section of the landscape that the road to the springs parallels, water emerges from a number of springs throughout the area. The pools, a set of three concrete tubs each large enough for several people if bathers are willing to get comfortable with each other, sit at an area where the hot stream and a cooler flow both mix. Soakers can open or divert the flow from either into each of the tubs in order to adjust the temperature. For this reason, soakers may want to bring extra towels to help plug up inflows of either.

The area is well-known to locals in the Delta area, though its isolated location ensures that it tends not to get too crowded. 

Sitting on public land, camping is permitted in the area, though the area is dusty, shadeless and exposed. Some of the surrounding land is private, so campers should be aware of not entering private property.

The area has a wealth of springs, and several nearby ponds sit in small hills encrusted in the dried minerals from the water. Several of these springs are scalding hot and not protected, so visitors should be extremely careful if wandering around.

Accessing the spring requires driving down a well-graded gravel road that should normally be accessible to all cars. 

Logistics + Planning

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Isolated. You can control temperature.


Biting flies. Can be littered.

Pets allowed

Not Allowed


Backcountry camping

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