Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
248.00 ft (75.59 m)
Trail type
0.80 mi (1.29 km)
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Located on the northernmost point of Antelope Island State Park, Buffalo Point is an easy, must-do hike that leads to impressive views of the Great Salt Lake. From the Buffalo Point Overlook parking area the trail climbs 300 feet in 0.4 miles and winds its way through rocks to reach a prominent rock outcropping where you'll have a panoramic view of the island and roaming buffalo herds below. 

Start at the Interpretive Center parking lot and follow the well-marked trail up the side of the hill. Once you reach the top of the hill, follow along the traverse to the boulders at the top of the point. Should you tire along the way, there are a number of benches for you to grab a rest and take in the Salt Lake and Wasatch Mountain views. 

An interesting pattern of tintic quartzite bands runs through many of the rocks and boulders here. Over 550 million years old, these metamorphic rocks and were deposited when the area was the floor of a shallow ocean.

Though the island is surrounded by salt water, there are over 40 freshwater springs that produce enough water to support a large assortment of wildlife. Antelope Island State Park is home to free-roaming bison, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, coyotes, badgers, mule deer, and bobcats. In 1893, a herd of 12 bison was brought to the island and became the foundation for today's herd of between 550 and 700 buffalo. In addition to the plethora of mammals who call the island home, you'll find numerous reptiles, spiders, waterfowl, and birds including owls, hawks, and falcons. 

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State Park Fee


Amazing views. Birdwatching.


No shade in the hot summer months.

Trailhead Elevation

4,520.00 ft (1,377.70 m)


Big vistas
Geologically significant


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