Trail difficulty
Elevation Gain
117.00 ft (35.66 m)
Trail type
9.50 mi (15.29 km)
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Located just minutes outside of Moab, the Slickrock Mountain Bike Trail is the one-and-only, epic, classic, and possibly best known trail in all of mountain biking. It has even been said that it has the largest parking lot ever built for a single trail. Slickrock was opened up to mountain biking when the sport was still growing, and it continues to be an iconic image of the sport. The nature of the sandstone gives the impression of riding on a concrete mountain, and it is immediately distinct from any soil. Beyond that, the trail offers incredible views of the canyons and mountain ranges in every direction.

Slickrock is a lollipop style trail. It begins as an out-and-back, but it has a large loop on the end of the out-and-back section. Although the trail is not particularly challenging in a technical sense, the steep climbs and lack of shade can make it a physically challenging ride. Be sure to bring plenty of water, be aware of your abilities, and avoid riding when the temperatures are too high.

Beginning on the north end of the parking lot, the trail is clearly marked by paint on the sandstone itself. As you follow it you will come to two separate junctions early on. These will lead you to the practice loop, a short but fun alternative or bonus to the classic ride. If you continue straight through these you will crisscross the jeep trail a few times. Again, just follow the painted trail markers to know where you need to go and eventually you'll reach the lollipop junction. You can ride the lollipop in either direction, so pick a way and go. When you get back to this junction, you just turn and head back out the way you came in.

As you fly down the short descents and pedal back up the steep climbs, don’t forget to take a look around. These are views that will stick with you forever.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass

Not Required


Epic vistas. Classic ride. Slickrock terrain.


Steep climbs.

Pets allowed


Trailhead Elevation

4,620.00 ft (1,408.18 m)


Big vistas



I found this snippet (and the photo) very misleading. Sure, it’s not “technical” in that there’s not a lot of pedal strike worry or riding along a fallen log, but the steepness is extreme at all times - it takes a lot of experience to keep the front wheel down on the ascents. Look up the trail elsewhere and you will see it’s rated difficult if not worse. It’s for experienced, regular mountain bikers only.

Bar M loop nearby (and the connected trails) will offer a lot more variety in required experience and the scenery is more stunning (and you can ride there from Moab on a paved path along the highway, if you want to just add miles).
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