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If you are en route to Olympic National Park's famed "Enchanted Valley," be sure to stop off at Merriman Falls, a picturesque, 40-foot cascade on the south side of South Shore Road. Deep in the Quinault Lake and River Valley, the waterfall, along with nearby Bunch Falls, are both quintessential landmarks and testaments to the area's annual precipitation of roughly 12 feet.

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I Was born & raised on the Olympic Peninsula, but haven't been in the Quinault Rainforest for many years & really had a great time. My Wife and I really liked Cascade Falls & Merriman Falls.
I was headed out to Ruby Beach with a couple of friends for an Earth Day day trip when we decided to take a short (which ended up being an all day) detour to Quinault and drive out to Graves Creek Campground. We were taken by surprise when we saw the falls right off to the side of the road. They were bigger and much more picturesque than I had expected. It was a wet day so the rocks at the base of the falls were still climbable, but definitely slippery. We spent quite a while enjoying the falls and climbing around to get different views. Definitely a worthwhile roadside stop!
It was more picturesque that I thought it would be. If you're not paying attention, you could easily pass this and not realize.
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