Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
500.00 ft (152.40 m)
Trail type
3.75 mi (6.04 km)
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As it runs through the beautiful 2,500-acre Olallie State Park, the South Fork Snoqualmie River drops a total of 230 feet down a narrow granite gorge to create Twin Falls. The name "twin" is rather misleading, as the entire series is made up of three distinctive drops, not two. The upper falls (not visible from trail) drops 45 feet, the two-tiered middle falls drops 30 feet, and the lower and most impressive fall drops 135 feet.

Starting at the Homestead Valley Trailhead, a short 100-yard trail departs from the parking area near the vault toilet up to the Iron Horse Trail, an old gravel maintenance road. Follow the road for 0.5 miles before the Twin Falls Trail begins on the right-hand side.

Once you are on the main trail, it quickly descends into a lush, mossy forest dominated by western hemlock, Douglas fir, bigleaf maples, and sword fern. For nearly 0.7 miles the trail hangs high above I-90, with the freeway rumble clearly audible, but eventually it pulls away and the forest becomes more pristine. You'll start to switchback on the trail leading down to Twin Falls and then encounter the gorgeous views from Twin Falls Canyon Bridge.

Note: Twin Falls can also be accessed via the traditional western access point, Twin Falls Trailhead, located off of exit 34.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass

Washington Discovery Pass


Three major waterfalls. Old-growth forest. Kid-friendly hike.


Weekend crowds. Sound of adjacent freeway.

Trailhead Elevation

1,200.00 ft (365.76 m)


Old-growth forest


Nearby Lodging + Camping


What a great time, we hiked from the parking lot right off of exit 38, through to the twin falls trail!! This says 3.75 miles, I didn't bring anything to track distance, is the mileage rating one way? Cause there and back surely felt longer then that, but maybe I'm wrong.
An amazing shot hike! The whole way via the Homestead Valley trailhead offered amazing greenery and at the falls, in the hight of the river, the falls were more powerful then ever. The lower falls can offer as a nice swimming hole during hot summer days, with a nice shallow cave filled with water to stand in.
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