Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
445.00 ft (135.64 m)
Trail type
0.00 mi (0.00 km)
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At its confluence with the Cispus River, Walupt Creek drops 221 feet over a basalt rim in an awe-inspiring waterfall. Instead of a straight drop through the rimrock, the waterfall appears to come from three directions before careening into a steep washout that runs down to the clear and shallow banks of the Cispus River below. The best viewpoint of the falls is on a narrow rock outcropping across the banks of the Cispus River.

This waterfall is remote, and access is challenging since no trail leads directly to it. Short and steep, Trail 7A leads down to the Cispus River before seemingly disappearing at the river's banks. From here one option is to ford the Cispus River, which in July was still running with considerable volume and was thigh to waist deep in sections. The other option is to bushwhack downriver through wooded thickets until finding a downed tree on which to cross. Either option presents its challenges, as the slippery tree crossing was over a small rapid, making the risk of falling into the river that much more undesirable.

Once across the river, the only way to reach the waterfall back upriver requires a bit more bushwhacking along with scrambling up a few hillsides and across a scree field. In all, the roughly half-mile trip from the end of the trail to the waterfall takes some creativity, perseverance and careful navigation. But it's worth it, for Walupt Creek Falls is a truly stupendous waterfall, highlighting this arduous short hike and making it into a real adventure.


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NW Forest Pass


Protected and stunning 221-foot waterfall.


No developed trail to viewpoint. Access via scramble and bushwhack.

Trailhead Elevation

3,790.00 ft (1,155.19 m)


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Typically multi-day


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My girlfriend and I spend a weekend at Walupt Lake Campground and during that time decided to make this trek.

A word to the wise, getting to the waterfall is not for the faint of heart. I've hiked and backpacked my whole life, and this is one for the memory books for sure. The 7A trail is nice, but very steep near the end, when you reach the riverbed, the real adventure begins. Thick trees and underbrush line the river on both sides, "a bit of bushwhacking" is a bit of an understatement. There were no downed trees that I was able to find to cross the river. Had I planned ahead better I would have brought my watershoes. In September the water was too high to cross without completely soaking our waterproof boots, and was too fast moving for me to be comfortable letting my dog cross with us without some rope.

Not wanting to have soaked shoes on the journey back to camp, and concerned for our dog's safety crossing the water, we were forced to return to camp empty handed. If you set out to see this hidden gem, make sure to be prepared to truly adventure, and not just follow a path.

I hope to return in the future and capture the elusive falls.
This was an adventure for sure sprain my ancle trying to get to the falls its pretty thick in some places, but well worth it. I took my whole family even my 3 year old( carried her most the way) they all loved it! My wife was awe struck! Pics and videos dont do it justice this falls is massive
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