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Halvor Tweto | 10.08.2018

In Due Time is the story of two professional endurance athletes and best friends Jason Antin and Mike Chambers as they set a world record trekking 105 miles across Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail in less than four days. The film showcases their journey—one that is equally physically and emotionally challenging.

As Mike and Jason make their journey in -30 degree temperatures during the winter of 2018, they explore thoughts on fatherhood, family and a lifetime of adventure. More so than their physical feat, both men undergo a dramatic internal transformation facing a new reality of becoming fathers. They contemplate love, responsibility and how their lives may change as they prepare for the greatest adventure thus far, fatherhood.

As Mike prepares for the birth of his first child, he finds comfort and reassurance in the wisdom of Jason—his fellow adventurer, friend and longtime mentor.


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