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Tyson Gillard | 02.12.2015

Far removed from the yellow embers of city lights, Death Valley National Park and Joshua Tree National Park are well known for the magnificent perspectives they provide on the stars. With open landscapes and broad views unadulterated by urban lumens, the night sky stretches out into an enormous and all-encompassing canvass. Small stars and galaxies twinkle with a resolution that is all too invisible in our modern age. In fact, Joshua Tree National Park hosted a three-day, two-night Night Sky Festival in October, 2016, to introduce park visitors to this more natural perspective on our night sky.

Equipped with the best illumination gear out there, Outdoor Project Contributor Race Jones headed down to Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Park for a five-day adventure to explore the desert by night. Check out the video to see what he discovered and start your own stargazing expeditions. Check your calendar for the new moon to ensure the darkest conditions, remember your red flashlights and headlamps to preserve your night vision, and get out there to enjoy the sky as it should be seen!


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