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Tyson Gillard | 05.27.2013

Over the last year, Outdoor Project co-founder Tyson Gillard spent a great deal of his time exploring the Pacific Northwest's epic locations and gathering information that would build a strong base for the website.  With camera and GoPro in hand, Tyson ventured to over 250 locations between the months of April and October 2012 alone.

This video is a compilation of somewhat random but highly inspiring video clips that he, his wife Emily, and good friend Adam Elliott collected during some of their adventures from 2012.  The video will take you north to the Indian Heaven Wilderness locked in snow during late July, below the ocean off the Oregon Coast, over waterfalls in eastern Oregon, and out to the lava fields of central Oregon.

Many thanks to those featured in the video, Emancipator, as well as those who helped put it together.


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