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Jim OP | 04.27.2016

Chris Morgan is an engaging individual who’s passion for grizzly bears is uncompromising. He came to Washington's National Park Fund a year ago with an idea:

Let’s make a short film that involves individuals who fall on both sides of the fence when it comes to grizzly bear recovery in the North Cascades. Let’s go into it with an eye on dismissing some of the myths while also educating viewers on some of the truths. 

At Washington's National Park Fund, we were in. Why? Because the North Cascades was once home to so many of these astounding creatures. As a people, we’ve slowly crowded them out. We owe it to them to bring the lands back to the natural state…a place where grizzly bears roam freely, eat moths, and rub up against trees. As the darling young girl in the film quips, “it’s a part of the chain.”

Together with National Parks Conservation Association, Vital Ground, Woodland Park Zoo, and others, funds were raised and the film production launched. The release of the film WANTED: Grizzly Bears?, launched on February 22 in downtown Seattle at an intimate gathering of 100 friends and funders.

More information about the North Cascades grizzly bear recovery process from the National Park Service can be found here: and from the good folks at the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.

Washington's National Park Fund is the official fundraising organization for Washington's national parks. It's mission is to raise private support to deepen the public's love for, understanding of, and experiences in Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Park.





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