BCMC Watersprite Hut

Squamish-Lillooet Area, British Columbia

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BCMC Watersprite Hut


  • Hiking up the trail to the hut.- BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • The approach has some pretty stunning scenery.- BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • The first view of the hut through the trees. - BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • Watersprite Lake itself, namesake of the hut. - BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • The intersection for the turnoff to the hut. - BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • Outhouse.- BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • Back side of the hut. - BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • Looking out the back window. - BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • Cozy spot for a quick lunch break. - BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • The main entrance of the hut. - BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • Sleeping quarters.- BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • The main downstairs kitchen area. - BCMC Watersprite Hut
  • Watersprite Hut.- BCMC Watersprite Hut
Overview + Weather
New as of 2017. Comfortable. Great location.
Not many obvious day trip options from the hut. Popular with the Bluetooth speaker crowd.
Squamish-Lillooet Area, BC
Frequently full
Pets allowed: 
Yes, with restrictions
8.50 km (5.28 mi)
Year round: 
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Property Description

Property Description

Pro Contributor

Watersprite hut, built in 2017, is a well-furnished cozy hut managed by the BC Mountaineering Club. The short distance from Vancouver has made this a popular location, as have the hugely popular photos of the lake. It's $20 per night for non-BCMC members. All bookings can be done through the BCMC website

There isn't a huge amount to do around the hut. You can weave your way up the talus fields and climb Dreadnought Peak from the backside or meander the short trails near the hut. Many folks come here specifically for photography. In winter the hut makes a good launching point for ski touring trips onto the Mamquam Icefield or short yo-yo turns on the surrounding ridges. Beyond the hut the terrain is mostly "challenging" and "complex" avalanche rated, so avalanche equipment and training is essential for all party members. For those on snowshoes, it's not recommended to leave the trees without at least an Avalanche Safety Training 1 and all the gear. 

Getting to the hut requires taking the Watersprike Lake Trail up. The trail isn’t too long, but you’ll need to climb just over 1,000 meters of elevation. It’s not an especially difficult hike, and for those not used to big days, breaking the trip into two days can be a perfect way to experience this area. In winter there are only two slopes with any avalanche risk.

The hut accommodates up to 10 people at a time. There is ample room for that many people with two tables and even some cushions. A wood burning stove and firewood are provided. All firewood is flown in, so be sparing with the firewood. There are mats and cushions in the sleeping area, though they are portable and shouldn’t be relied upon. 

Be warned that frequently the door is left open, and there are often folks staying who haven’t paid. Feel free to report them to the BCMC and remind them that these privileges require respect if they are to last.

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