Pebble Beach

Redwoods + Del Norte Coast, California

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Pebble Beach


  • The southernmost access point for this beach.- Pebble Beach
  • Two men walk along Pebble Beach after a morning of fishing.- Pebble Beach
  • Enjoying the view from the road as seagulls pass overhead.- Pebble Beach
  • Houses line the cliffside along North Pebble Beach Drive.- Pebble Beach
  • Riding a small wave off of Pebble Beach on a sunny day.- Pebble Beach
  • Stalks of bull kelp wound tightly around one another.- Pebble Beach
  • A mother and her sons play on the rocks at Pebble Beach.- Pebble Beach
  • A rocky barrier holds the cliff in place.- Pebble Beach
  • Castle Rock, a seabird haven, in the distance.- Pebble Beach
Overview + Weather
Long beach. Great bird watching. Calm waves.
Redwoods + Del Norte Coast, CA
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Sandy beach
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Not Required
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description


Pebble Beach is a flat, calm, 1.5-mile beach on the western edge of Crescent City, California. The soft sands of this beach are typically greeted with calm waves because of the angle of the beach. Several turnouts along N. Pebble Beach Drive offer views for motorists and access points for those wanting to visit the waters. Great bird watching opportunities exist due to nearby sea stacks.

Off the shore of Pebble Beach you will notice a massive rock island known as Castle Island. This island is thought to be one of the most important sea bird rookeries along the California Coast. Here over 150,000 birds from 41 different species come to nest and breed on 14 acres of rock. Sea lions and elephant seals can also be seen and heard along the rocky shores of this island. Make sure to bring a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope to catch a glimpse of the abundant wildlife on Castle Island.

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Updates, Tips + Comments

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Field Guide + Map

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Location + Directions

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