Sandy beach
Hike-in Required
Snorkeling / SCUBA
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As a 3-mile-long stretch of sand, Crescent Beach is one of the longest beaches in the area and a great place to visit. Several access points exist, leading visitors to the silky sands. Some are adjacent to Highway 101, others require a short walk along well-traveled trails, while another point is from a beachside picnic area. Regardless of where you wind up on Crescent Beach, there will be miles of beach to stroll along. Due to the length and gentle slope, beach combing is a great activity here. During winter storms and swells large pieces of driftwood and other items get washed far up on the shore. Summer turns these logs into great benches to relax upon as you enjoy the surroundings. For an incredible view of Crescent Beach and the surrounding areas, check out the Crescent Beach Overlook. From the parking area for the overlook a half-mile walk will take you to a smaller and more secluded Enderts Beach.

Tolowa hamlets (settlements) used to exist nearby where the Tolowa people relied heavily on the ocean for sustenance. Large canoes were built by the Tolowa, which allowed them to hunt sea lions in the open waters. Other members of the hamlet would collect shellfish in the rocks or fish in the surf or rivers. Today many Tolowa reside nearby and gather in the fall to give thanks for the harvest.

Logistics + Planning



Parking Pass

Not Required


Long, wide beach. Several access points.


Vehicles on the wave slope.


ADA accessible
Picnic tables


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