Cobble Hill

Adirondacks, New York

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Cobble Hill


  • Parking is very close to the trailhead.- Cobble Hill
  • There are many spur trails that lead off the main trail. Signs like the one at left keep hikers on track.- Cobble Hill
  • The well-worn trail starts with easy grades.- Cobble Hill
  • The junction for the short, steep trail and the longer, easier trail.- Cobble Hill
  • Large boulders are a common sight along Adirondack trails. Glacial erradics, as some are called, are remnants of the ice age when glaciers deposited them in unlikely spots.- Cobble Hill
  • The steep trail leads up to a large rock face where the the first lookout awaits above.- Cobble Hill
  • The steep trail living up to its name.- Cobble Hill
  • In this section, hikers must scale the open rockface at an almost vertical angle. To the right, there is a rope to help with the ascent.- Cobble Hill
  • View of the Village of Lake Placid from the first lookout.- Cobble Hill
  • A closer view of the village.- Cobble Hill
  • Remnants of a long-ago downhill ski operation.- Cobble Hill
  • A tower foundation. Possibly the remains of a chairlift system from the downhill ski operation that only lasted from 1958 to 1959.- Cobble Hill
  • A family enjoys the view from the summit of Cobble Hill.- Cobble Hill
  • The view from the summit faces the High Peaks Wilderness. Here, the Great Range can be seen on the left, then Mount Marcy and Mount Colden.- Cobble Hill
  • The view also includes the Olympic Ski Jumps, which are shadowed by Mount Marcy, Mount Colden and the MacIntyre Range (from left to right).- Cobble Hill
  • Approaching the summit.- Cobble Hill
  • The easy trail is longer but much more level.- Cobble Hill
  • With fewer obstacles and a couple of switchbacks, the longer, easy trail allows hikers to take in the scenery.- Cobble Hill
  • There are a few spots on the easy trail that are prone to mud. Planks and boardwalks help traverse those spots.- Cobble Hill
  • The easy trail passes Echo Pond. A private home can be seen in the distance.- Cobble Hill
  • Another view of Echo Pond.- Cobble Hill
Overview + Weather
Great views. Small crowds. Various trail options.
Adirondacks, NY
Pets allowed: 
Yes, with restrictions
Net Elevation Gain: 
517.00 ft (157.58 m)
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Preferable Season(s):
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Total Distance: 
2.10 mi (3.38 km)
Trail type: 
Trailhead Elevation: 
1,795.00 ft (547.12 m)
Current Local Weather:
Hike Description

Hike Description


Cobble Hill, standing at 2,332 feet, is a perfect mountain for a beginning climber or families looking for an easy, yet rewarding hike.

Originally named Kobl Hill when set up as a downhill ski operation in the late 1950s, Cobble Hill has since become a popular hike due to the views of the Village of Lake Placid as well as the High Peaks.

The trail begins next to the parking area at the Northwood School parking lot and leads to a junction that give hikers the option to ascend via the steep, 0.4-mile trail or the longer 1.1-mile trail with much easier grades.

Hikers who chose to ascend the shorter trail will find the trail immediately turning upward and maintaining the incline the entire way, only leveling out briefly in spots. As the climb continues, hikers will come to a large rock wall where the first lookout awaits above.

The trail leads up to the right where an almost vertical climb is necessary over an open rock face. There is a rope attached between two trees to assist with the climb. This is a very steep area with a number of exposed roots from trees that have grown through cracks in the rock.

Once this section is passed, the first lookout is immediately to the left. The view is of the Village of Lake Placid with Scarface Mountain (3,058 feet) directly in the background. The High Peaks lie just to the left.

Continuing up the trail, it is only a short distance to reach the summit where the views shift to the High Peaks. Hikers will pass a foundation, which most likely supported one of the chairlifts of the Kobl Hill ski operation.

Once at the summit, hikers will see the High Peaks, Olympic Ski Jumps and the Olympic Bobsled Run on Mount Van Hoevenberg directly in front. Looking to the left, Cascade Mountain and the Sentinel Range can be seen. Cascade Mountain is easily identified by the slide that resembles the number 7.

Heading back to the trailhead, the longer trail is considerably easier with smoother, more level grades and switchbacks that reduce the decline. There were, however, a number of muddy spots.

Before reaching the trailhead, the trail takes you past Echo Pond; a large pond on private land that is home to the Echo Pond Lodge.

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