Mohonk Ice Skating Pavilion

Mohonk Mountain House

Hudson Valley, New York

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Mohonk Ice Skating Pavilion


  • The entrance to the Mohonk Ice Skating Pavilion.- Mohonk Ice Skating Pavilion
  • Local quartz rock embedded into the structure.- Mohonk Ice Skating Pavilion
  • Enjoying an afternoon skate.- Mohonk Ice Skating Pavilion
  • The elegant ceiling structure.- Mohonk Ice Skating Pavilion
  • Fun ice chairs to be pushed around on.- Mohonk Ice Skating Pavilion
  • Hand-crafted seating areas.- Mohonk Ice Skating Pavilion
  • A nice place to stay warm.- Mohonk Ice Skating Pavilion
  • Within sight of the Mountain House.- Mohonk Ice Skating Pavilion
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Beautiful structure and location.
Hours are limited (check schedule).
Hudson Valley, NY
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description

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The Mohonk Mountain House Ice Skating Pavillion is part of the internationally renowned Mohonk Mountain House property located in the Hudson Valley. Nestled in the Shawangunk Mountains, a section of the Appalachian Mountains, the surrounding areas encompass acres of forest, circuitous trails, hotel facilities, and Mohonk Lake. The rink is housed under a 9,375-square-foot pavilion and a short walk away from the hotel.

Opened in 2001, this outdoor skating pavilion was designed with beams and trusses manufactured to appear as solid-sawn timber. The result is a natural aesthetic feel and a creative blend that shares the custom architectural details of the resort. Although it is smaller than an NHL regulation rink, it is slightly larger than the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink.  There is plenty of room to enjoy yourself with friends and family, and there are even some ice chariots to catch a ride on.

On one end, a beautiful fireplace offers a great place to warm up in between skating. The opposite end is perfectly set to align with the view of the Mountain House and the lake. Adjacent to the rink there is an indoor equipment rental station, a changing chalet, and plenty of benches to settle into your skates. Some cubbyholes are available to store your footwear, although there is no place to lock up your belongings.

Twin brothers, Albert and Alfred Smiley, were Quakers who purchased Mohonk in 1869 and developed the first boarding house that eventually evolved into the present-day Mountain House hotel.  As the resort is open year round, there are many other activities that go in and out of season: nature walks, golf, spa, fishing, fitness, tennis, swimming, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. It is a wonderful place for weddings, meetings, family reunions, vacations, or just a weekend getaway.  Skytop Tower is one of the main attractions on the property that has various trails leading to it depending on the season, your desired activity, and your threshold of adventure. Today, the Mohonk Mountain House and Mohonk Preserve are designated as a national landmark.

Ice skating and skate rental is available at no additional charge to overnight guests at Mohonk Mountain House. Day visitors may skate mid-week for a fee of $25 per session. Meal guests may skate for a fee of $15 per session. Before your visit, check for posted hours of operation. There are at least two open sessions for at least two hours, every day for seven days a week: morning and afternoon. On Fridays and Saturdays there are additional evening sessions. Mohonk Resort recommends that skaters call the pavilion at 845.246.2775 prior to visiting for up-to-date information on the time and availability of skate sessions.

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