Pechuck Lookout

Willamette Foothills, Oregon

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Pechuck Lookout


  • Limited parking at the trailhead.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Limited information on the plaque at the trailhead.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Limited information on the plaque at the trailhead.- Pechuck Lookout
  • The trail is surrounded by thick second-growth forest.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Switchbacks up the ridge.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Lush greenery surrounding the trail.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Tall second-growth forest.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Dilapidated trail sign nearing the lookout.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Trail junction with an old logging road, complete with hitching post.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Trail junction with logging road.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Toilet about 500 feet down the trail from the lookout.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Pechuck Lookout.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Basic amenities inside - the bottom floor.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Ladder accessing the cupola.- Pechuck Lookout
  • A few communal amenities and supplies.- Pechuck Lookout
  • The tables/bunks available.- Pechuck Lookout
  • View of Table Rock from the cupola.- Pechuck Lookout
  • View to the southwest from the cupola.- Pechuck Lookout
  • View to the south of the forest from the second level's cupola.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Small trap door access to cupola.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Damaged memorial plaque.- Pechuck Lookout
  • View to the south from outside the lookout.- Pechuck Lookout
  • The only stone lookout left in Oregon.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Shutters over the windows.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Saying farewell to the lookout.- Pechuck Lookout
  • View toward Table Rock from the trail nearing the lookout.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Helpful directional sign at the trail/logging road junction.- Pechuck Lookout
  • The serene, forested trail through the Table Rock Wilderness.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Descending the ridge back to the trailhead.- Pechuck Lookout
  • Descending the ridge back to the trailhead.- Pechuck Lookout
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First-come, first-served. Solitude. Views. Spring.
Isolated. First-come, first-served.
Willamette Foothills, OR
Occasionally full
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2.91 mi (4.68 km)
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Property Description

Property Description

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Pechuck Lookout is one of only a few lookouts left in the Pacific Northwest available on a first-come, first-served basis. Its unique construction, a two-level, cupola style lookout with stone walls, was erected in 1932 and used regularly until 1964. Its appealing uniqueness and perch atop a southern ridge of the isolated Table Rock Wilderness, with a distant view of Mount Jefferson on a clear day, make it a must for any lookout enthusiast. 

After completing the long and scenic drive through the Molalla River Recreation Area and following the single-lane logging road to its end, be sure to steer clear of the closed off section of road (to the left of the trail sign) and follow the trail on the other (north) side of the parking area. The trail climbs steeply up a spur of the south ridge in the Table Rock Wilderness, making several switchbacks, occasionally through an ancient, overgrown logging road, eventually reaching the Rooster Rock Trail junction atop the south ridge. Turn left to obtain Rooster Rock's top after an additional mile, or continue on to the lookout, descending onto a saddle where the trail meets a private logging road, before again ascending sharply via several successive, short switchbacks to the lookout itself. A small, portable, open toilet can be found about 500 feet from the lookout alongside the trail. There is a water source - a spring down a boot path to the east of the lookout. 

The lookout itself is a treat to see and explore. It appears just as it did decades ago when in use. It came into public ownership in 1985 via a sale from a private timber company, and interested volunteers, in partnership with the BLM, came to become stewards over it. A restoration was completed by 1995. There are several helpful bulletins on the walls of the bottom level and a few basic amenities left behind by courteous lookout enthusiasts. A few logbooks are also available to browse and document your trip. As with any lookout, the view might just be what you really came here to see. From the top level in the cupola, a clear view of Table Rock to the north is available, and Mount Jefferson can be seen to the southeast on a clear day along with the valley to the west. Adhere to the guidelines and leave the lookout just as (if not better) than you found it, for all to enjoy.

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