Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing

Western Tennessee, Tennessee

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Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing


  • Traveling east from the launch.- Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing
  • Half a mile in on the Wolf River.- Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing
  • Looking north from the canoe.- Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing
  • Two miles into adventure heading west.- Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing
  • At the end of the Wolf River you'll enter the Ghost.- Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing
  • Entrance of the Ghost River three hours in.- Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing
  • Opening of the Ghost River looking north.- Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing
  • Opening of the Ghost River looking south.- Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing
  • End of the Ghost River before the take out in Moscow.- Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing
  • - Wolf and Ghost Rivers Canoeing
Overview + Weather
One of the most majestic parts of West Tennessee. Great time for friends and family.
Crowds can be large in the summer.
Western Tennessee, TN
Site characteristics: Water: 
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Portage required: 
Preferable Season(s):
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Total Distance: 
9.00 mi (14.48 km)
Water difficulty: 
Easy / Class A
Current Local Weather:
Paddle Description

Paddle Description


The Wolf River is one of the few rivers in this area that is largely unspoiled by humans. It has never been commercially polluted, and because of this wildlife and nature are very abundant here. Once you push off on this water way you will start to visualize what makes this place so special. At times you will believe that you are in the Louisiana swamps or in Florida Everglades. The river offers paddlers five unique ecosystems to enjoy: the bottomland hardwoods, open shrubby wetlands, cypress-tupelo swamp, open water swamp, and grass wetland. Some of the wildlife you might encounter include wood ducks, scarlet tanagers, prothonotary warblers, red-headed woodpeckers, herons, egrets, and others. As you continue down the river, make sure to keep a keen eye out for the blaze markers to help navigate you through this 9-mile adventure. Halfway through this trip you will enter the Ghost River. The Ghost is a very large swamp, and the only movement in the water will be from your boat. This place is one of the most unique areas in all of Tennessee. Please take time to enjoy the serenity around you. One very important thing to remember about this area is that, while it looks like you could go in many directions, there is only one way out. Watch for the signs the entire time. If you have never done this trip, it is also recommended that you have someone with you. Learn more about this trip by visiting the Wolf River Conservatory site.

Updates, Tips + Comments

Updates, Tips + Comments

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Field Guide

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