Lone Star Geyser Hike

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone, Wyoming

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Lone Star Geyser Hike


  • Trailhead to Lone Star Geyser.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • The trail surface is very good.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • Firehole River.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • Firehole River.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • Lone Star Geyser Trail.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • Finally, the geyser!- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • Minor eruption of Lone Star.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • After the minor, there is a 20-minute wait for the major eruption.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • Firehole River near the geyser.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • The eruption begins.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • Steam and boiling water start to shoot.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • Lone Star Geyser.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • Powerful steam flow.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • Meadow view from the trail.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
  • Lone Star Geyser Trail.- Lone Star Geyser Hike
Overview + Weather
Spectacular geyser. Really spectacular geyser. Easy multi-use trail.
Uncertain eruption times. Trail does not offer many views. Hikers need to watch for bikes.
Yellowstone, WY
Pets allowed: 
Net Elevation Gain: 
110.00 ft (33.53 m)
Parking Pass: 
National Park Pass
Preferable Season(s):
Spring, Summer, Fall
Suitable for:
Hiking, Biking, Horseback
Total Distance: 
5.00 mi (8.05 km)
Trail type: 
Trailhead Elevation: 
7,562.00 ft (2,304.90 m)
Current Local Weather:
Hike Description

Hike Description

Pro Contributor

Lone Star Geyser is off the beaten path and away from all the geyser basins accessible in Yellowstone National Park by car. It is an easy, flat hike up the old park road (now a bike path) along the Firehole River to the geyser. And not just any geyser--many people consider Lone Star almost as good as Old Faithful, but without the crowds or fences. Whether or not that is true, Lone Star is a spectacular geyser, with a large and dramatic base formation, that is well-worth the hike to see it.

The trail is a multi-use trail that has some sections of pavement, but it is mostly packed gravel. It is popular with bikers and hikers alike. The entire route is within a short distance of the river, and there are some nice meadow views along the way. But the highlight is the geyser, and there are some benches and a log book to record eruptions.

Lone Star consistently erupts about every three hours. There is usually a short minor eruption that last a few minutes and shoots about 40 feet above the cone. Then the geyser stops for about 20 minutes before the major eruption starts. The steam and water shoot about 40 to 50 feet for 20 to 30 minutes, finishing with a very loud steam eruption that is impressive for its power.

The challenge with Lone Star is the lack of information about eruption times. The geyser prediction apps and web sites do not cover it, and the only sources of information before embarking on the hike are the Old Faithful Visitor Center (who rely on hikers to report eruption times) and the occasional note left by another hiker at the trailhead noting the last eruption time. Neither of these can be relied upon, so catching an eruption comes down to a matter of luck most of the time.

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