Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
535.00 ft (163.07 m)
Trail type
3.16 mi (5.09 km)
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The Ridgeline Summit Trail that starts in the Deem Hills Recreational Area is a gem in North Phoenix that has beautiful views along a beautifully maintained trail.  The trail starts in an unsuspecting park that is also home to sporting fields and has facilities to fill up on water and use the restrooms.  The trail initially starts on the Circumference Trail and hikers should follow the signs past the trailhead to ensure they find that trail.  Hikers will take a quick left then right or they could end up on a connector trail. 

The trail starts out slowly ascending with views on the surrounding neighborhood to the south. The trail continues due east for the first ¾ of a mile before turning to the north.  Hikers will walk through Cholla and Barrell Cacti.  The green of the cactus will pop against the charcoal black rocks.  Once hikers make the turn north the trail will transition to beautiful white quartz that was previously hidden under the black rock.   

The next ¼ mile will have the most elevation gain. As hikers continue to climb they should ensure that they stay left at the next two junctions, at the Circumference Trail and Basalt Trail. And will follow the signage to the Ridgeline Trail.  The trail will turn back to the west and hikers will have views to the north.  Hikers will have views of the canal as well as the Bradshaw Mountains in the distance.   Hikers will reach the summit of the ridgeline trial when they loop back to have views to the north and south.  At this point hikers can continue along the Ridgeline Trail or turn around and continue the way they came.  If hikers continue on the Ridgeline Trail they will loop back around to the Circumference Trail and exit the way they came or make a full loop around the foothill.

Overall this is a wonderful hike to enjoy the open space in the Northwest corner of Phoenix.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass


Open Year-round



Interesting geology. Scenic views.


No shade.

Trailhead Elevation

1,508.00 ft (459.64 m)

Highest point

2,041.00 ft (622.10 m)


Flushing toilets
Family friendly
Potable water

Typically multi-day


Permit required



Nearby Lodging + Camping

McDowell Mountain Regional Park


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