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100 Unforgettable Adventures


  • Golden Ears Summit Hike: There are a few flat spots that are suitable for pitching a tent.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Tenaya Canyon Descent: The second drop in the boulder-lined slot canyon is the location of the second rappel point, surmounting Leconte Boulder. - 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • While there is no fireplace in the Hidden Lake Lookout, candles can provide some long-lasting light.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Green River, Labyrinth Canyon: Silt fishing from the paddleboards.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Mount Olympus (7,979 ft), the highest peak in Olympic National Park, is constantly in view to the south from the High Divide Trail.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Mountain goats (Oreamnos americanus) and Prusik Peak (8,000 ft) in the Enchantments.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Rogue River Trail: Inspiration Point above the lower end of Mule Creek Canyon.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Campsites along the beach at Clark Island are equipped with picnic tables and fire grates.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Mount Lassen, Southeast Chute: Steep sidwalls give some of the chutes a surfy feel.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Milky Way over Monument Valley.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Sunrise above Upper Boy Scout Lake en route to the summit of Mount Whitney.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Views of Crater Lake from the Watchman Lookout Tower are unbeatable.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Mount Rainier via Disappointment Cleaver: Ingraham Glacier with Little Tahoma Peak (11,138 ft) on the left.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Cliff Palace: The original builders incorporated the in-place boulders into their structures.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Hut life at Brew Lake Hut near Whistler, BC.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Flag Point Lookout with Mount Hood (11,249 ft) in the distance. - 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Sierra Hot Springs: The outdoor warm pool is adjacent to a large sundeck overlooking the scenic Sierra Valley. Photo credit: Jivan Child.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • A sunset from Fox Point and a view over the San Juan Islands.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Neskowin's Ghost Forest and Proposal Rock in the background.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Selway River: A rapid that takes a few minutes at high water takes considerably longer at low flows.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Mountain goats on the summit of Buffalo Mountain.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Large banyan tree on the Pipiwai Trail.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Wolf Creek Rapid at slightly higher flows on the Selway River.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • View from Hamlin Peak.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Morning cliff view on Lakeshore - North Country Trail.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Breathtaking sunrises are the norm here at the Mokulua Islands.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Clear water at Big Blue Spring on the Wacissa River.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Views from the cabin of the fire tower on Bald Mountain.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Sunrise in the desert from Monument Valley.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Wildflowers in Raven Creek Valley on the Crow Pass Trail Thru-Hike.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • An intimidating bastion stands above shallow waters at Dry Tortugas National Park.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Diana's Punchbowl.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Early morning in Cades Cove is the perfect time to catch gorgeous light and soak up the day. - 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Sunrise on Reflection Canyon. Photo by Kathleen Buenviaje.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Bridge on Bamm Bamm at Trailside Park.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Boofing into Rebirth in the Middlebury Gorge.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Cirque of the Towers waterfall.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Boom Lake in Banff National Park.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Mountaineers descend a ridgeline on Aiguille du Midi, our 5,000th adventure!- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • The Cuernos del Paine viewed from Lago Pehoé.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures
  • Llamas rest amid the ruins of Intipata in Machu Picchu.- 100 Unforgettable Adventures

We at Outdoor Project feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with over 750 Contributors located across the country and beyond since we first "opened our doors" in 2013. These are the individuals who commit their dreams, sweat, and talent to generate the remarkable stories that are at the heart of the Outdoor Project community experience. Whether it’s soaking in a remote geothermal pool surrounded by old-growth or standing on a summit enjoying 360-degree views of a dramatic alpine environment, these Contributors are dedicating themselves to building a phenomenal resource for all outdoor enthusiasts, created by outdoor enthusiasts.

We're only halfway through the year and 2017 has already been full of big news, growth, and events for Outdoor Project - but we’re incredibly excited to celebrate a HUGE publication milestone that perhaps ranks at the top of our team's list: 

On June 14th, 2017, Outdoor Project published its 5,000th adventure! 

In true OP style, there's no better way to celebrate than to pause for a bit to look at a few of the most iconic and unique stories, images, and locations represented on the site. The 100 adventures selected here exemplify the spirit of awe and appreciation we all share when we get outside in remarkable spots; each of these adventures is an excellent story in itself, bringing the reader right into the action with compelling writing and inspiring photography.

Stare into the curious black eyes of a mountain goat on Colorado’s Buffalo Mountain; leap from a cliff to the base of a waterfall in Oregon’s remote Salmon River Canyon; ponder the purpose of Utah’s ancient and majestic False Kiva; shred the chutes of California’s Lassen Peak; explore New York's vast and breathtaking Adirondacks; head south in search of backcountry adventure in Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains; cross borders to shred some of British Colombia's finest singletrack; or even 'cross the pond' for the ultimate French Alps experience that is Aiguille du Midi. Whatever fits your fancy, these adventures do more than help you find amazing spots - they take you there.

Of course, “best” is a subjective term and there are thousands (literally!) of additional Outdoor Project adventures that may vie for the top spot in your heart. Take a moment to wander through these extraordinary stories, and spend a little time exploring the related adventures as well. You’re sure to find your own 100 best and add a few to your to-do list. And remember that you only live once, so don’t let another year go by without completing one of these stunning outdoor adventures - get outside and enjoy!

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