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Best Beaches in Maui


  • Kama'ole Beach Park near Wailea, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Keawakapu Beach near Wailea, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Mokuleia Bay and Slaughterhouse Beach on Maui's north point.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Kama'ole Beach Park 1 / Charley Young Beach, near Wailea, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Po'olenalena Beach Park with Molokini and Kaho'olawe island in the distance. - Best Beaches in Maui
  • Sunset view over Wailea Beach, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Kōkī Beach Park, near Hana, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Mai Poina Beach looking north toward the West Maui Mountains.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Kihei Beach facing West Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • H.A. Baldwin Beach Park, near Kahului, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Ukumehame Beach Park, western Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • View of Honolua Bay, near Kapalua, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Beach palms leaning over a beautiful sunset at Kapalua Bay.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Oneloa Bay Beach, near Kapalua, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Sunset from Maluaka Beach, near Makena, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Papalaua Beach Park, western Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • North Ka'anapali Beach, near Lahaina, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • ‘Āhihi Cove / Kanahena Beach, near Makena, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Big Beach, Makena, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • D.T. Fleming Beach Park, near Kapalua, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Dusk at Hamoa Beach Park, near Hana, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • Sunset at Ka'anapali Beach and Black Rock, western Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
  • North Ka'anapali Beach / Airport Beach at Kahekili Beach Park, near Lahaina, Maui.- Best Beaches in Maui
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Let's face it, Hawai'i is a paradise in many ways, with its massive chains of cloud-shrouded peaks, refreshing waterfalls, rocky cliffs, and tropical forests. However, its beaches are exceptional and are adored by all who visit, and Maui is no exception. In fact, this popular vacation destination boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in Hawai'i. Many have been heavily developed with large resorts and vacation rentals that line the broad, white sand beaches. These are perfect for families or the quick dip before making your dinner reservations. Other beaches are less frequented and make a perfect location for a picnic or just reading a good book under the trees. Some are more rugged but are home to hundreds of tropical marine species in the coral reef offshore just waiting to be explored by curious snorkelers.

From calm warm water to large surf breaks, Maui's beaches have something for everyone, so be sure to check out the best that the island has to offer!

Go for the sun, sand, and sea...

  • H.A. Baldwin BeachKahului, North Maui - The perfect place to spend a leisurely afternoon with the entire family. Calm waters on the east and west ends.
  • Kahekili BeachKa'anapali, West Maui - Limited parking and typically busy, but a great spot for a picnic or barbecue by the water! 
  • Ka'anapali BeachKa'anapali, West Maui - Crowded, and close to the resorts, head over for some good snorkeling or cliff jumping.
  • D.T. Fleming BeachKapalua, West Maui - Rated one of the best beaches in America, head here for a day at the beach or a stroll along the trails.
  • Kapalua Bay BeachKapalua, West Maui - Sandy bottom and calm turquoise waters make this beach a reliable paradise.
  • Slaughterhouse BeachKapalua, West Maui - Calm swells in the summertime are ideal for swimming and snorkeling, and it lies in a marine conservation district.
  • Keawakapu BeachWailea, South Maui - Although along a developed portion of the coastline, this sandy-bottom beach is tame and rather underused.
  • Wailea BeachWailea, South Maui - A lush paradise of resorts and amenities upholds a high reputation at this beach with white sand and rocky outcrops on either end.
  • Big Beach / MakenaMakena, South Maui - One of the most photographed beaches in Hawai'i, boasting endless white sand and a natural feel.
  • Po'olenalena BeachMakena, South Maui - Swimming and snorkeling are not to be missed at this southern shore favorite. 
  • Kama'ole BeachKihei, South Maui - Three sections of this beach means easier access than most others on the island. Come for lounging and swimming, but be sure to go early to beat the crowds!

Go for the solitude...

  • Hamoa BeachHana, East Maui - Known for its surfing and snorkeling, but be careful of the riptides!
  • Koki BeachHana, East Maui - This famous surf break beach with rust-colored sand is great for picnicking and relaxation; however, swimming can be dangerous in the unpredictable and strong currents.
  • North Ka'anapaliKa'anapali, West Maui - Hit this famous beach, with less crowds on the northern side and you're likely to see a sea turtle or two!
  • Oneloa Bay BeachKapalua, West Maui - Head to the western end of this popular beach for a more secluded waters and tide pools.
  • Papalaua BeachOlowalu, West Maui - New to surfing? Be sure to check out this beach nicknamed "Thousand Peaks" for its nearly constant break.
  • Ukumehame BeachOlowalu, West Maui - Less  of a swimming beach and more of a surfing one, there's usually decent surf break here.
  • Kihei BeachKihei, South Maui - Limited access and amenities means this beach is perfect for a quiet day of relaxation.
  • Mai Poina BeachKihei, South Maui - Catch a sunset or have a picnic in the shade at this quiet local beach.
  • Maluaka BeachMakena, South Maui - Nicknamed "Turtle Town" because this beach's calm waters are a feeding ground for sea turtles.

Go for the marine life...

  • Honolua BayKapalua, West Maui - This marine life conservation district is home to abundant schools of fish, coral, and turtles!
  • Kanahena Beach / ‘Āhihi CoveMakena, South Maui - This natural reserve protects marine life, so grab a mask and snorkel and surround yourself with its natural, living beauty!
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