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Renowned as one of the best beaches on Maui, Hamoa Beach Park should definitively assert itself at the top of your Road to Hana to-see list. A 100-foot by 1,000-foot pristine crescent of beach meets a crystal-blue sea peppered with Dr. Seuss-esque sea cliffs. And the sand—it's downright luxurious.

Hamoa Beach isn't protected by offshore reefs like many of Maui's calm, tame beaches near Kihei and Lahaina. Thus, oftentimes, you'll arrive to find crashing waves and the potential for riptides. Even so, in the morning, the waves can calm down quite a bit, giving way to good swimming and snorkeling.

What Hamoa is truly known for, though, is its surfing. It has been renowned as a top-notch surf spot for centuries—since the native Hawaiians were "belly boarding" on long, hardwood boards. While we wouldn't at all recommend this spot for a new surfer, it's prime for boogie boarding. Keep in mind that the winter months bring bigger swells and more tumultuous underwater currents—always assess before you embark.

In the 1930s, Hotel Hana Maui unofficially laid claim to the beach, effectively strongarming the name as well. Originally, Mokae Beach (like the cove in which it's situated) was renamed Hamoa, which translates to "abundance" in Hawaiian. While many of the on-site amenities are for guest use only, the hotel allows access to outdoor showers and restrooms, and there is a public concession stand that sells snacks and drinks.

Though the beach is quite spacious, expect it to be quite packed—the hotel does a good job of keeping their patrons contentedly perched in prime real estate. For a bit of solitude, if the ocean is right, find the beach just to the south. Sometimes you can swim around the south point to find yourself a good slice of peace and quiet.

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Popular surf break. Swimming. Concesssions.


Very limited parking. Stairway access only (not ADA friendly).


Picnic tables
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