Sandy beach
Cliff jumping
Hike-in Required
Sensitive Habitat
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Waioka Pond, also commonly called the Venus Pool, is an idyllic swimming hole with the added bonus of having various rock ledges that are perfect for cliff jumpers. Located a few miles south of the town of Hana, the pool's distance from the tourist centers of Maui keep the crowds down, though you should still expect to see quite a few people swimming or just peeking in. But this may not be a bad thing; depending on who is down there, you can likely see some locals and visiting daredevils leaping from the tallest of the ledges surrounding the pool, which stand about 45 feet above the water.

The pool itself sits surrounded by boulders and stones in an area where a seasonal stream meets the ocean. The waves lap at the far end of the pool, keeping the water circulating and giving the cove almost a natural infinity pool appearance. 

A mix of the jagged lava rocks and slick boulders makes the area best for sitting and jumping, so shoes are helpful, and it may be best to avoid the area during or after wet weather.

The trail to the pool can be hard to notice. It lies through some tall brush beside a bridge immediately south of mile marker 48. There are only a few parking spots along the shoulder on the east side of the road; do not park on the west side, since these are yards that belong to the locals. Just behind the stone bridge wall, a trail enters the brush for a few feet before coming to a recently opened path through Hana Ranch property. A clear trail goes for less than a quarter mile before reaching a Portuguese oven and dropping down toward the pool.

There are no amenities of any type at the pools.

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Open Year-round



Beautiful swimming hole. Cliff jumping.


Limited parking.

Pets allowed




Jumping off these cliffs into the fresh-ish water was a blast! There were quite a few young hecklers demanding we jump from the highest ledge. Even if you feel like you aren't that daring to cliff jump, there are ledges only a few feet above the water to ease your way into it.
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