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Wailua Falls is widely renowned as Maui’s most-photographed waterfall. Though the waterfall can slow to a trickle in the dead of summer the waterfall, chances are you’ll see it in all of its cascading glory. The misty falls careen down 80 feet of sheer, verdant cliffside, peppered with ferns, vines, and other lush vegetation.

There’s a calm, quiet pool at the base of the falls. Amazingly, very few people make the short, and sometimes-slippery walk down. If you do, you’ll find far fewer people than on the bridge above and a super refreshing dip.

Not long after mile marker 45, past Hana, you’ll be alerted that this stunning 80-foot waterfall is ahead in several different ways. First, you’ll spot hordes of people, because there’s uncharacteristically ample parking for a stunning Road to Hana waterfall, and many tour busses make a point of stopping. Where there are tour busses, there are vendors selling trinkets. We’d suggest you take a moment to talk shop with each of these sellers—most have a fascinating story and a long, long history of making or selling to tourists. Plus, they’re super friendly.

If by some miracle you arrive when there’s no one else around, you can spot this stunner from the road.

Situated on Honolewa Stream—Wailua Falls is not on Wailua Stream—continuing down the road a ways will eventually lead to the Pools of Ohe’o Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools).

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Picturesque 80-foot waterfall.


Dries to a trickle during the dry season.

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