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Climb a Mountain


  • An early start on the Mount Whitney Trail.- Climb a Mountain
  • Night stars from Mount Whitney.- Climb a Mountain
  • Looking west from Mount Whitney.- Climb a Mountain
  • Deer hunters descend from the summit of Deseret Peak.- Climb a Mountain
  • View north from the summit of Deseret Peak.- Climb a Mountain
  • Above the clouds on Mount San Jacinto.- Climb a Mountain
  • Mountain goats standing in front of Granite Peak.- Climb a Mountain
  • View from the top of Granite Peak.- Climb a Mountain
  • Clouds and mountains reflect in the lower lake.- Climb a Mountain
  • Contributor John Badila takes in the view at the summit of Mount Olympus.- Climb a Mountain
  • Sunset and views of Salt Lake City from the top of Mount Olympus.- Climb a Mountain
  • View from Mount Defiance.- Climb a Mountain
  • At the Mount St. Helens summit.- Climb a Mountain
  • A climber along the Mount St. Helens crater rim.- Climb a Mountain
  • Mount McLoughlin's bowl from the ridgeline.- Climb a Mountain
  • Views from Redcloud Peak north to Uncompahgre Peak (14,321 ft) and Wetterhorn Peak (14,015 ft).- Climb a Mountain
  • Indian paintbrush (Castilleja) on Redcloud Peak.- Climb a Mountain
  • Mount Madison.- Climb a Mountain
  • Summit of Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi.- Climb a Mountain
  • The view from the ridge at the base Black Tusk. Garibaldi Lake and Mount Garibaldi top right.- Climb a Mountain
  • Black Tusk.- Climb a Mountain
  • Looking out on the Great Range from Noonmark Mountain.- Climb a Mountain
  • Cirque of the Towers waterfall.- Climb a Mountain
  • Incredible views in the Cirque of the Towers.- Climb a Mountain
  • On Mailbox Peak with Mount Rainier in the distance.- Climb a Mountain
  • Mount Rainier (14,411 ft) from Sunrise Point.- Climb a Mountain
  • Mount Rainier (14,411 ft) from a base camp just to the west of Moon Rocks.- Climb a Mountain
  • Mount Ann.- Climb a Mountain
  • Han Peak (5,681 ft) with Mount Shuksan (9,131 ft) behind. From Mount Ann.- Climb a Mountain
  • Settling in for a night on Tom Dick and Harry with Mount Hood (11,250 ft) behind.- Climb a Mountain
  • Mount Jefferson at Scout Lake.- Climb a Mountain
  • Enjoying the descent on the southwest chutes of Mount Adams.- Climb a Mountain
  • Mount Adams, South Climb.- Climb a Mountain
  • Snow-covered Mount Hood from Zigzag Mountain. - Climb a Mountain
  • The dry, crusty, wind-beaten snow almost resembles sand on Mount Hood.- Climb a Mountain
  • Aerial photo of the Three Sisters Wilderness.- Climb a Mountain
  • Wildflowers along the trail to Broken Top Crater.- Climb a Mountain
  • A climber ascends a steep snowfield at dawn on Mount Shasta.- Climb a Mountain
  • Gorgeous Mount Shasta and wonderful mountain lupine.- Climb a Mountain
  • Sierra sunset above Cyclamen and Spring Lakes on the Five Lakes Hiking Loop.- Climb a Mountain
  • Above the tree line on San Gorgonio.- Climb a Mountain
  • Mount Baldy's summit is the highest point in the San Gabriel Mountains!- Climb a Mountain
  • Enjoying the sunrise on Cucamonga Peak.- Climb a Mountain
  • Wildflowers on the CCY Route.- Climb a Mountain
  • Chasm Lake and Longs Peak.- Climb a Mountain
  • Taking a well deserved breather at the summit of La Plata Peak.- Climb a Mountain
  • Missouri Gulch.- Climb a Mountain
  • The Maroon Bells and Maroon Lake from the trail.- Climb a Mountain
  • The ridge traverse from El Diente (pictured) to the summit of Mount Wilson.- Climb a Mountain
  • Looking east over the San Juans from the summit of Mount Wilson.- Climb a Mountain
  • Bluebells in the Chicago Basin near Windom Peak.- Climb a Mountain
  • Looking northeast from the summit of Windom Peak in the Weminuche Wilderness.- Climb a Mountain
  • Yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris) along the Pikes Peak Trail.- Climb a Mountain
  • View south from the summit of Pikes Peak (14,115 ft) with the old cog railway.- Climb a Mountain
  • Hiking along the trail en route to Pikes Peak.- Climb a Mountain

The mountains are a place for thinkers, for dreamers, for doers, and in this week’s edition of the #52WeekAdventureChallenge, they challenge us to push ourselves beyond the limit of what we believe is possible.

The mountains have long provoked the human imagination and challenged our resilience. They are meditative places, retreats, somewhere to go to contemplate the world and one’s place in it. When Moses was delivered the Ten Commandments, he climbed Mount Sinai to receive the word of God. The prophet Muhammad was secluded in a mountain cave when the angel Gabriel came to him and delivered his first revelation. To this day, Japanese monks venture into the inland mountains to escape the machinations of modern life. Called the Yamabushi, which translates as “one who prostrates upon mountains,” they retreat into the mountains in search of enlightenment.

Above tree line, the mountains tell a different story. They are rugged, testing our will against the forces of nature, and here, the forces of nature are hostile. Through the couloirs and around summit pyramids whip mercurial and unforgiving winds. Snow and ice fall unpredictably, building layer over layer on steep slopes until the tug of gravity peels them away.

Ascending these silent giants is a task reserved for the bold, and the mountaineers who ascend the most dangerous slopes risk much for the greatest rewards—especially those pioneers of the sport who achieved their temporary conquest without the aid of modern equipment. Many have been lost near the vertical limits of our world, Lord Francis Douglas among them, whose life was lost on the first ascent of Matterhorn in 1865. His and others' deaths sparked a controversy that fractured the sport and marked the end of alpinism’s golden age. "We were not what we are,” the Reverend Arthur G. Butler wrote in the aftermath, “without that other fiery element—the love, the thirst for venture, and the scorn that aught should be too great for mortal powers."

So loud is the call of the mountains. All require courage to summit, but few of them ask for more. Adventure into thin air with one of these.




Sierra Nevada Mountains

Southern California


Front Range

Western Colorado



Vancouver, BC


  • Granite Peak

East Coast Ranges


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