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Ahous Bay is the largest beach on Vargas Island. Located on the southwestern shore, it faces out to the Pacific at the end of the La Croix reefs. During big storms, the swells roll up the long deep beach filling the area with drama. Even on days of low wind, the crashing surf is a constant background noise that makes the area feel still and remote. On the southern end of the beach is a popular campsite, particularly useful for weary paddlers coming through from La Croix. This end of the beach is fairly sheltered.

The site is fairly wild, with a "green throne" toilet, and a large steel food cache. Aside from this, a series of planted driftwood posts are the only other infrastructure. Tent sites are either between the stunted cedars just off the beach or on the sands themselves. If you plan on camping on the sands, be wary of the tides as they come right up to treeline at high tides.

The site is only accessible by boat. Most groups will kayak here, but there is also a water taxi that will drop you off on the other side of the island at the Ahous Trailhead. If you are coming by kayak, be warned that landings can be tricky. The peripheries of the beach are, as usual, the least heavy surf, but they can still be daunting with loaded kayaks. Helmets are highly recommended if 2-meter swell is in the marine forecast. The beach is also long. At low tide, it's a 300-meter walk to the campsites. Timing and careful tide planning are key.

To the east is a small freshwater stream running along the beach. Be careful as the other side of this stream is Ahousaht First Nation land, and permission is required before setting foot here.

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