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Potable water
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The Wheeler Hut stands as one of the most classic Alpine Club of Canada Huts. The classic log cabin style is beautiful, functional, and makes for a memorable stay. Despite the inconveniant 1.9-kilometer walk in, the hut is nearly always busy in the spring, summer and winter months because it is the only public overnight accomodation in Glacier National Park.

In summer this hut is popular with families. Ample opportunities for short hikes abound with Asulkan and Illicielweat offering short family-friendly hikes and big payoffs. The creek and bridge near the hut are great places for children to play as well. Come winter this hut is packed, and it is filled nearly every single day of the ski season. It's often good to book in advance or check the availability regularly in case you can find cancellations and snag a spot. 

The building is divided into the lovley old log cabin hut and a newer section; the older structure contains the warm common room, kitchen, and quaint upstairs mattresses, and the new section contains it's own common room and sleeping quarters that all connect together. The hut is well furnished, rustic, and comfortable. Felt benches and wooden chairs provide simple seating in the common areas that are heated by wood stoves. Gas lights and small windows make headlamps a good idea. The kitchen is well prepared with pots, pans, cutlery, crockery, and plenty of food storage space.There are two two-burner units and a full four-burner stove with an oven. Refrigeration is tricky in summer, but in winter the mudroom at the new entrance is perfectly suited for storage. Beware the local pine marten, though. These creatures are crafty, so be sure to store your food in sealed containers or in heavy pots. The hut has a small library, many decks of cards, and there are also numerous board games.

A well-built dual outhouse provides the washrooms, and toilet paper is up to you to bring. A wood shed is well-stocked and frequently refilled with firewood, though it is a good idea to bring your own firestarter and matches. Try not to burn too much because the hut is well insulated and gets really warm really quickly; excessive heat can make for an uncomfortable night. 

Bedding consists of thick mattresses in the upper level. Watch your head for low ceilings. The mats are warm, but they are made of plastic. Some folks might want more coverage because they can feel clamy next to the skin. The hut is generally warm when the fires are on, and 0-degree bags may be excessive for most. Because it's communal sleeping, ear plugs are a good idea. Be sure to use the red light on your headlamp after 10 p.m. to minimize any distrubance to other sleepers.

Logistics + Planning


Frequently full

Parking Pass

Park entrance fee

Open Year-round


Price per night



Warm comfortable hut. Classic log cabin. Rustic charm. Only accommodation in the pass.


Communal sleeping. Inconvenient walk to get there.

Pets allowed

Not Allowed

Reservations possible


Reservation phone number

1 (403) 678-3200


Family friendly
Big vistas
Old-growth forest
Firewood provided
Near lake or river



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