Max slope angle
15-30 Degrees
Vertical descent
1,000.00 m (3,280.84 ft)
25.00 km (15.53 mi)
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The Callaghan Valley just outside of Whistler is one of these special places that you hear of that has just the right ingredients for a great annual snowfall. But besides the snowfall, the beauty and majesty of the surrounding mountain scenery will take your breath away. The Callaghan Lake Snow Shuttle gets you up into those mountains to play in all that snow.

For a smalll fee you are whisked from the Alexander Falls Ski Tour Center in Callaghan Country up the Mainline Trail in the Piston Bully Snowcat to Callaghan Lake. The cat can fit between 6 and 8 people, depending on space. A heated cab with windows and a short 40-minute commute allows for some time to drink tea and coffee as well as check out maps and avalanche conditions.

Once at the lake you have the option to follow a few different ski tour routes like the Telemagique Traverse, which leads up to Madeley Lake, or The Morning Glory Trail that takes you to North Callaghan Ski Area. Each begins at the far side of the lake, or you can choose to find some terrain of your own to explore. Remember to also use maps and plan routes. This backcountry is full of canvases and cliffs that are easily missed in whiteout conditions.

The ski out to the parking lot is an easy one. From the lake, follow Mainline back down to the ski tour center and parking lot for 8.4 kilometers. Note that all guests not staying at the Journeyman Lodge are asked to be down to the parking area by 4:15 p.m.

The Callaghan Lake snowshuttle is a great way to get you into the backcountry to visit some outstanding terrain and save some energy for charging. This is definitely one that should be on your to-do-list.

Logistics + Planning

Parking Pass

Cat Fee


Great Views. Solitude. Cat ride to/from lodge.


Must be out by 4:30 p.m.

Trailhead Elevation

2,591.86 ft (790.00 m)

Typically multi-day


Shuttle required




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