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Sloquet Hot Springs is a favorite for many hot springs enthusiasts in southwest British Columbia. While the beautiful semi-natural pools are shallow, they are large and comfortable with sandy bottoms, and they are lined with boulders to lean on. The primary source is a small hot waterfall that fills a small pool that trickles down beside a mossy cliff wall covered in ferns. The stream feeds into several larger shallow pools on the bank of Sloquet Creek. The temperatures vary, and in general it gets warmer as you move closer to the source, but several other spots on the cliff dribble hot water into the pools below, so you might find a hot spot elsewhere as well. The pools are really ideal for relaxing, and temperatures vary from warm water that you can sit in for a long period of time to very hot water that will cook you if you aren’t careful. If you get too hot, a quick dip in the adjacent cold creek will definitely fix the problem. When the sun goes down you’ll want candles to light up the cliff wall; there are pre-existing candle spots all over the wall and the surrounding area. Beside the springs there’s a small covered wooden shelter with a bench and some hooks to hang your clothes, and the overhanging tree branches have been decorated with dreamcatchers and hanging candle-holders.  

When you arrive at Sloquet you’ll see a trail to the springs just beside the signage by the turnoff. The campground is just up the hill and has an alternate trail to the hot springs. It will be about a five-minute walk regardless of which trail you take. There are 20 campsites, and most are spread out enough to provide a little bit of privacy. Each has picnic tables, fire pits, and pit toilets. The fees are $5 for day use (parking) and $15 per night for camping. It doesn’t take too many people to make the springs feel crowded, and it does fill up some weekends during summer, and sometimes with the party crowd. Midweek, early spring, and late fall are the best times to get the place to yourself. Wintertime is great too, but the last few kilometers of the road are generally not passable between December and May.

Note: be aware of truck traffic from industrial activity in the area.

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Perfect temperatures. Comfortable pools. Nice campground.


Crowded on weekends. Long drive to get there. Shallow pools.



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