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Robin Warner | 11.21.2017

Moms are the glue that hold the world together and deserve to be lavished with gifts this holiday season. Outdooring Moms are a special breed; brave women willing to drag exhausted children up, down and around all the wild places she didn’t see before their arrival. These moms can be difficult to shop for. Child written poetry, wreaths made of painted handprints, and pipe cleaner tree ornaments have been favorite gifts of years past. However, this year, her family may be looking for something new, something unique, something that will mark this as a Christmas above all. 

Outdoor experts surveyed and tested the latest gear with the strongest moms we know and developed this list of the five must have gifts for your favorite Outdooring Mom.

1. Camp Chair

Yes. Of course, Outdooring Moms have camp chairs. But let this be the year that she sits in the chair for 10 uninterrupted minutes. For gift givers on a budget, a campground picnic table is a worthy replacement. The best gift of 2018 is sitting in a chair.

2. Water Bottle.

Yes. Of course, Outdooring Moms have water bottles, but what she really wants this year is ONE water bottle in her day pack. The latest advancements in science this year proved that mothers are not pack goats there to schlep 40 additional ounces of water for children. The best gift for 2018 is just one water bottle.

3. First Aid Kits

Yes. Of course, Outdooring Moms have first aid kits, but what she wants is one that has not been ransacked by children to bandage up ailing stuffed animals. The best gift of 2018 is a readily available bandage when needed.

4. Outdoor Games

Yes, Of course, Outdooring Moms like creature comforts like running water, electrical outlets, and not having to yell at kids to “save the batteries.” But what they truly love is when all the batteries die and children are forced to live life without devices. Only then can she bring out the best outdoor game of 2018: Throw This Rock at That Log.

5. Happy Road Trips

Yes. Of course, Outdooring Moms enjoy many road trips each year. But what makes for a happy road trip is a well-stocked ice cream cooler at every gas station. The best gift of 2018 is an ice cream Snickers bar for lunch.

Happy 2018 to all the adventure-loving, hard-working, outdooring moms!


Throw This Rock at That Log - hilarious!
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