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Kat Dierickx | 12.09.2015

There are times when you want to curl up in your tent on the ground, and there are other times you'd prefer something a bit more removed from the elements. In the past few years the options for retrofitted, up-cycled, remodeled, rejuvenated, and just plain cool camping vans, trailers, and vehicle-mounted-tents has expanded like crazy. Whether you're looking for something cute and affordable or decked-out and extreme, there's certainly something for everyone. Here are some of our favorite campers, campervans and conversions to kick your road trip wanderlust into high gear.

Photo courtesy of Timeless Travel Trailers.

The Airstream has been a classic for generations. They have sizes and styles for any adventure type. We're crushing on the Bambi, but also check out these upgrades by Timeless Travel Trailers.

Photo courtesy of The American Dream Trailer Company.

Perhaps the most versatile glamping trailer, this trailer from the American Dream Trailer Company includes a boat and will indeed facilitate your dreams.

Photo courtesy of Casual Turtle Campers.

Terrapin, by Casual Turtle Campers, is designed to be simple, comfortable, and attractive while staying lightweight and low-profile. Think of a Finnish sauna on wheels.

Photo courtesy of Conqueror Australia.

This trailer is perhaps the most hardcore of these overnight options. Leave it to the Australians to make a trailer fit for the most challenging outback excursion. Check out the entire line of trailers by Conqueror Australia, and don't miss their Youtube videos. You'll be blown away by these transformers. 

Photo courtesy of Cricket Trailer.

If an Airstream and a VW Vanagon had a baby, it would look like this. Well done Cricket Trailer, well done. 

Photo by Robert Culpepper courtesy of Cascadia Vehicle Tents.

Don't underestimate the rooftop tent options. They'll be more affordable and easier to stow away. Cascadia Vehicle Tents, out of Bend, Oregon, makes a great line up!

Photo courtesy of Hütte Hut.

Too cute for words, and adored by the press, the Hütte Hut is tastefully built for day or overnight trips.

Photo courtesy of Moby1.

Trailer and roof-top tent all in one, the Moby1 Expedition Trailer easily sleeps four and keeps the critters on the ground far below.

Photo courtesy of Off the Grid Rentals.

Don't want to shell out a bunch of cash for once-a-year use? No problem. Off the Grid Rentals will get you decked out for your once-in-a-lifetime roadtrip. Featuring pick-up locations in Laguna Hills, CA, Sedona, AZ, and Moab, UT.

Photo courtesy of Schutt Industries.

Whether you're leading a military convoy in a far off land or camping out in your own driveway, neither of which are ideal, Schutt Industries can provide you with a tent-utility-trailer that's completely versatile while remaining simple.

Photo courtesy of Silver Tears Campers.

The simply elegant woodwork of the Silver Tears Camper teardrop trailer will impress you and blend right in with the lush woods around you. Here is camping at its classiest!

Photo by Jessica Walker courtesy of

Ski bums across the globe drool when they see a Sportsmobile drive by, but luckily you don't have to live in Truckee, Telluride, or Jackson Hole to own one.

Photo courtesy of

Perhaps the most coveted camper vans around due to utility, price, and the Vanagon brand, the VW Westfalia Syncro hasn't faded away since its introduction in 1986. In fact, they're harder to come by than ever. The Westfalia Syncro features classic VW styles while providing four-wheel drive utility. Get the most refurbished and trusted models at GoWesty, typically priced between $30,000 and $70,000.

Photo courtesy of Outside Van.

For those who don't trust the mechanical reliability of an old VW, the Sprinter van has taken off in popularity. Ford, Dodge, Mercedes and countless others make them, and even more companies will retrofit them for your camping pleasure. Be prepared to open your wallet, but also prepare to have the camper of a lifetime! Outside Van, based in Troutdale, Oregon, is one of the best and will create something custom to fulfill your wanderlust desires. Based on how far you take the design, pricing ranges from $70,000 to $150,000.

Photo courtesy of Winnebago.

If you can't quite afford something so custom, luckily Winnebago has created the Travato, a surprisingly cost sensitive option (roughly $85,000) to all those aftermarket custom vans. It's an all inclusive adventure vehicle with the young explorer in mind. And, don't worry about feeling any obligation, we've already thanked the folks at Winnebago personally for this wonderful contribution.

Photo courtesy of Adria.

Baby boomers rejoice! For those craving ultimate luxury in the great outdoors without having to purchase a full-sized RV coach, the best we've ever seen are the sprinter vans by Adria. Designed and built in Slovenia, every detail has been considered, and they provide the more modern design that is often difficult to find in the domestic market. The shocker... pricing starts at only $60,000! A steal! The caveat, as you might expect, is that you'll have to purchase it in Europe and ship it over.


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